So….Let’s Talk About Blake

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Everything is coming up Blake these days.

Despite just 4 games in the since January 23rd, Blake Geoffrion has made the most of those games to the tune of five goals and eight assists.  His goal total for the season doubled in those four games.  And he now has two AHL Player Of The Week awards to put on the shelf next to his Hobey Baker Award.  And that’s great.

So now what?

Here are the questions I want to put up for discussion:

– How much of Blake’s success do you attribute to his surrounding cast of players?  That top line with Linus Klasen and Ryan Thang has been providing great production all around lately.  Do you think Blake gets all the hardware if he’s playing with Kelsey Wilson and Andreas Thuresson?

– Is it realistic to expect similar production going forward?  Even if it’s not on the clip that he was on over the last four games….for argument sake, is it realistic to expect over a point-per-game production going forward?

– Do you think Blake Geoffrion’s name should even be muttered in the Preds’ front office when the discussion turns to call-up?

– Any other thoughts on Blake that you’d like to share?

3 thoughts on “So….Let’s Talk About Blake”

  1. He’s been on a hell of a roll, I will give him that…but in answering the first question, I think a lot of it has to do with playing with the top line. I can’t quote statistics from the games to say home many of his assists have been to Klasen, but i know its more than a couple. Playing with a guy who can bury it like Linus does makes it easy sometimes. Thang has been unbelievable as of late as well. Is that Thuresson from 2010 or 2011?

    I think Blake has found his groove in the AHL, and if he stays on the top line, 1 ppg is certainly not too much to ask. Pretty sure I could dig in the corners and get the puck out front, or to the D-men and get 1 point a night :)

    Blake’s name should certainly be muttered, but I don’t think it’s his time yet. I’m not gonna say the last 2 weeks was luck..but he needs to produce more consistantly for more than 4 games to get the call up. Plus, with Nashville’s situation right now, there isn’t a spot for a top 6 guy like Blake will be, and it only stunts his growth to call him up and only let him play 5-6 minutes a game.

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