Late Goal Earns Point For Admirals

Another overtime game for the Admirals, but their home winning streak came to an end, courtesy of a 4-3 shootout loss to the OKC Barons.

Roman Josi’s goal with 40 seconds left in the 3rd sent it to OT, but a great shot by Colin McDonald won it for the Barons in the bottom of the 5th round.

Coach Lambert says there’s plenty to learn from the game tonight.

The Admirals got on the board early with a goal from Mark Van Guilder. With Mike Bartlett driving down low on the forecheck he was able to get the puck to Ryan Flynn behind the net. Flynn drew several defenders to him, giving Van Guilder a clear path to the net. Flynn’s pass was on MVG’s tape and Martin Gerber had no chance on the shot. It was almost too easy of a goal, as it really looked like the defense failed Gerber. The goalie’s position and reaction to the goal seemed that he thought he had help with the back side, but he didn’t.  And with that, the Admirals struck first.

The Admirals got an early power play in the period, and seemed to do a great job passing the puck and gaining position, but never got that “good” shot on net.    I tell you what, if the purpose of a power play was to have as many passes to teammates without giving the puck up and refusing to shoot, the Admirals would be back to back to back AAU champions (see Fred McGriff commercial).

Despite my critique, Coach Lambert sees the good and bad on the special teams.

The second period started off rather slow without a lot to speak of. However the end of the period proved to be a different story.  At the 16:29 mark in the frame the Barons were able to even the score with a goal by Milan Kytnar. The Ads were reeling to regain possession in their own zone after a long shift. Unable to gather the puck long enough to clear, and with their legs growing tired, the Barons’ Teemu Hartikainen sent a centering pass to a crashing and well defended Phillippe Cornet. It looked as if the puck redirected off of the crashing group of players (Cornet and the two Admirals defenders). The redirected puck had enough momentum to make contact with a positioned Dex and then rebounded to the right of the crease where Kytnar (who was behind the net for most of the play) put the rebound past a helpless Dex.

It was a goal that you can’t put on Dex, but rather, you have to chalk it up to a tired shift. The Ads were just getting a man back off of the Ford penalty and were unable to gain control and clear to get a proper shift change.

The Admirals would start the third period with a man advantage for 1:23 and would capitalize on the advantage.  Just kidding, it is the power play after all, but they did score several seconds after that penalty expired and the delayed penalty was on.  The goal was scored off the cold stick of Andreas Thuresson (not a typo). The more interesting part about the goal was that every player save Dex was within a 7 foot radius of the crease and that radius was shrinking.  With shooting attempts from Aaron Johnson (unsuccessful), and Steve Begin (also unsuccessful), it was Thuresson that was able to send the back hand shot through about 27 people and find the twine. It was one of those plays where the puck kept getting put on net but somehow was unable to cross the line. With all the attempted shots everyone starts to crash the net and before you know it you have 13 people in one crease looking to clear or score, it was a hot mess to say the least. BUT, an Admirals goal none the less, and that was good enough to give them the lead…

… For about  108 seconds.  The Barons, who were up a man thanks to a Roman Josi penalty, were gaining zone control with passes from Alexandre Giroux to Brad Moran and then to Anthony Aiello, who was just above the far side circle. With an open lane to shoot and an Admiral crashing down on him, he put the slap shot on. The puck looked to be going rather high and before you could say “Shi” the light went off.  We here at Rountable of Admirals INC are unsure how the shot went from noon to six and past Dex, but sure ‘nuff it did and was good enough to bring the game even once again.

The Barons would not be content with two goals as they took the lead with 1:20 left in the 3rd. The Admirals were caught in an umbrella style of defense allowing Phillippe Cornet to gain the slot.  He wound up and fired a slap shot from the top of the near circle.  Dex’s pad save went straight to Kytnar, who put a smooth deek on Dex (who ate it up).  He skated right around Dex, and put  a backhander into the open net , giving the Barons their first lead of the night.

The Admirals would not go without a fight and a little help from the Barons. With the Barons’ Greg Stewart serving a penalty, the Admirals took the opportunity to pull Dex from his duties and give them a two man advantage. The ensuing face off came straight back to Jon Blum who tried a shot that was deflected to the boards. The Admirals gathered the puck and got it back to Blum at the point, who tried another volley on net, but broke his stick in the process.  The puck caromed off the crashing defenders skate and straight to Roman Josi to the left of the crease, and his wrister went by the adjusting Gerber.    The goal would tie the game at 3 with 40 seconds left in the game, and help the Admirals earn a hard fought point.

The over time would come and go and the teams would need the shoot out to decide it. The only wow factor of the shoot out going to (sigh, ear muffs santaC ) Klasen for his awesome move. I think he took about 4 strides and just glided in the rest of the way.  It was the cat and mouse game and finally Gerber made the fatal move and Klasen went top shelf making Gerber look da fool.

Colin McDonald had the shootout winner in the bottom of the fifth, supersizing the game with a great waterbottle shot.


Even though we won’t see it in the boxscore, I think Dex had a pretty great game.  Bailed some people out again, and tough to blame him on most of the goals.

Do you think Steve Begin had an impact tonight?

Do you like the new Klasen-Geoffrion-Thang line?

Packers tickets will be given away at the game tomorrow.  Practice your QB-form.  It’ll help you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Late Goal Earns Point For Admirals”

  1. Was it just me or did Klasen look terrible tonight (other than that sweet ass SO goal)? He seemed to be turning pucks over twice as much as usual.

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