Jon Greenberg Chat Transcript

El Presidente, Jon Greenberg, participated in what some may call a….cyber chat, on Wednesday afternoon.

Normally, I’d link to the transcript…but since I’m not really interested in sending webtraffic over there to those clowns, I’m just going to cut and paste the text here, for your reading pleasure.  Maybe when they start giving our friend Dave Boehler some more space to write, and start having their editors not botch headlines, we’ll be more inclined to play the game.

Anyway…  Enjoy!

  • Q: Tim Shattuck, Grafton – Hello Jon, Will the Admirals be giving away tickets to the Packer-Bears game on Sunday? I want another shot at going! -Tim Shattuck
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Hey everyone! Thanks for having me back again. Let’s get started with a time-sensitive question. Yes, Tim we’re going to have a pair of tickets for a lucky winner on Friday night when we host San Antonio at the Bradley Center. We hope that you can join us and be lucky enough to win. It’s certainly going to be a big game…the Admirals game that is.
  • Q: Brian, Milwaukee – What happened to Jamie Lundmark? He is no longer listed on the roster and according to transaction page has not been moved up to nashville.
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Brian, thanks for the question. Jamie decided to terminate his relationship with the Predators and thus the Admirals. He signed a contract with a team in Sweden and left immediately.
  • Q: dr hockey, milwaukee – jon:has there been any thought to playing a hockey game at miller park thank you
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Hello Dr. The answer to your question is yes. However it has only gone as far as think about it. We would be very interested in playing a game there…maybe as a doubleheader with the University of Wisconsin but there are a ton of logistics involved that make it a challenge. It would be very cool to do it though.
  • Q: Stacy Schmidt, Burlington – Jon, Do you think that the Predators will bring Nolan Yonkman back? Would the Admirals ever considering signing him if Nashville didn’t? Thanks for talking my question.
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Stacy, thanks for the question. We are all big fans of Nolan Yonkman here. We hoped he’d come back last year but he saw a greener pasture with the Phoenix Coyotes organization and his decision has paid off as he had considerable time in the NHL this year that he never really got to have with Nashville. He has to do what is best for his career and we respect that. We look forward to seeing him on Friday night when San Antonio comes to visit. And in terms of would the Admirals consider signing him, we give full authority to sign players to Nashville. Considering the success our teams have had over the past decade I think that is the prudent thing to do.
  • Q: Taylor, P-Dub – Do you support fighting in hockey?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Taylor, interesting question. Do I support fighting? Not necessarily but I understand that it is a part of the game, albeit a much smaller part than it was even a decade ago. The game has changed significantly with the most recent labor agreement that begs for more skilled players. The game is very intense, very physical and very emotional. Sometimes tempers flare. Sometimes momentum needs to be changed and a fight can lead to that.
  • Q: Joe Geoffrion, Wauwatosa – Are there any more concerts that will be announced for this season? (and no, I’m not related to Blake. You could definitly tell if you saw me on skates)
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Joe, thanks for the clarification. I would have wondered. In terms of concerts, our lineup consists of country star Rodney Atkins on Friday, January 28, the UW Badger Band on February 4, the Dropkick Murphys on February 25, Huey Lewis and the News on March 19 and Pat McCurdy on April 1. It’s a great lineup. On-ice passes for Rodney Atkins are on sale now and allow ticket holders to purchase, for an additional $20, a spot right in front of the stage for the concert. It’s a unique place to watch a show. We will be putting on-ice passes for the Dropkick Murphys on sale on Monday, Jan. 24.
  • Q: Seth, Nashville – Will the Admirals ever play a game down in Nashville again?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Seth, thanks for the question. We talked about potentially doing that this season but it never came together. I know there is an interest in doing that on Nashville’s part so hopefully we can make that happen at some point. There are a few AHL teams that are doing it this season. It gives fans in the parent club’s market a chance to see their prospects in action.
  • Q: Martin O’Brien, Franklin – If the Bears line up in a two tight end formation on Sunday should the Packers drop Clay Mathews into coverage or do you think it would be best to have him blitz Jay Cutler?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Well Martin, since you asked, I would drop into coverage but send Charles Woodson on a corner blitz. I actually can tell you that while I like to watch football I couldn’t tell you what I was watching most of the time. I do hope that the Packers come out on top as it would be great for the State of Wisconsin to have another Super Bowl appearance.
  • Q: James, Whitewater, WI – Jon, I’m an avid hockey fan of the AHL and NHL. I also enjoy going to Brewers games at Miller Park. While it is fun and exciting to go to a Cubs v Brewers game I am always amazed at the number of Chicago fans in the stadium. My thought or question is, have the Admirals ever thought about having the Chicago Blackhawks play the Nashvillle Predators in a pre-season (or even regular season) game at the BC? I know you would draw a lot of Admirals fans as well as Chicago fans to the building! Thank you for your time – Go Admirals!
  • A: Jon Greenberg – James, thanks for your support. We have talked with Nashville about potentially having a pre-season game at the Bradley Center. They have, in the past, had a circle of teams that they would play during the pre-season – Atlanta, Carolina, Columbus but they really don’t face the Detroit’s and Chicago’s. There would likely have to be NHL type ticket prices as well to guarantee to the two teams which might make it prohibitive to draw a big crowd for a pre-season game. It is however, something that we have discussed.
  • Q: sludgemonkey, Appleton WI/Asheville NC – I got hit in the head with a puck at a recent game. It was hard. Can you make them softer?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Well sludgemonkey I hope that you are ok. I am pretty sure that hockey pucks have had the same density for about 75 years so changing the formula at this point might be kind of tough. If you ever wanted to see how they make hockey pucks there is a cool video on youtube that is pretty interesting.
  • Q: Deanne – Are there any plans for Admirals players to be out and about the community meeting fans…like at team sponsors or anything?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Deanne, our players have been out at a myriad of school visits, youth hockey practices and corporate sponsor stops over the past few months. As a matter of fact, they are currently at the Bradley Corporation, a great Admirals sponsor, shooting some commercials and visiting employees. We still have a big visit to Children’s Hospital to hang out with the kids ahead as well. Charlie Larson, our VP of Communications, does a phenomenal job of getting the guys out to do things with our fan base. We also have the Admirals Crew Celebrity Serve scheduled for Monday, March 7 which is always a lot of fun.
  • Q: Tim V., Michigan – Do you see the the Predators trading young players for playoff help, thus destroying our chances at a Calder Cup trophy?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Tim, interestingly worded question. The Predators are known for their excellent player development. It has been because of that successful program that we both have had success. We are here to develop players so that when they graduate to the NHL they are there to stay. The Predators often say that the road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee. Last year there were 16 players on Nashville’s playoff roster who spent time in Milwaukee at some point in their careers. I think that they will do what is best to try and go deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs but always keep an eye on the future of the organization as a whole.
  • Q: mrlundt – What do most players do during the off season? How many stay around here?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Mrlundt, great question. The bulk of our players head to their homes in the off-season which we hope won’t start until the middle of June. They take a little bit of time off and then many are headed to prospect camp in Nashville in July. We did have a couple of guys spend significant time in Milwaukee during the summer including Scott Ford and Cal O’Reilly. I had the chance to play golf with Scott a couple of times last summer. He’s unreal. I think he could qualify for a PGA tour card if he ever wanted to make that a career.
  • Q: Keith Justus, Las Vegas, NV – Hi Jon, I’m a Pittsburgh guy out West, now, looking to keep track of some of our local boys. I see Grant Lewis has only played in 18 games this season. Is that because he’s injured (he’s battled injury issues throughout his pro career), or because he’s simply fallen down the depth chart and can’t crack the lineup? Any info helps. Thanks much. KJ
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Keith, thanks for the question. Grant has been in and out of the lineup for a variety of reasons, mostly depth issues. He has had some bright moments though and I think he will have a positive impact on our team moving forward. He’s a good guy….and has some unreal hair.
  • Q: Nathan H, Milwaukee – Mr. Greenberg, Will you be shaving your head again for money?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – I guess we can keep the hair theme going here Nathan. I just asked this question last week about whether our players were going to want to do this again. In each of the past two seasons, several of us have had our heads shaved to help raise money for the American Cancer Society as we started the playoffs. I was happy to participate and if the opportunity presents itself again, I will be happy to do it.
  • Q: Nate H, Milwaukee – Jon, I heard you are giving away Packer tickets on Friday. First, how can I enter to win? Second, if I win, do you want to come with me?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – We’ll do two questions in a row by someone named Nate. Same person??? Regarding the Packers tickets, you’ll need to go to one of four kiosks located throughout the 200-level of the Bradley Center on Friday night and fill out an entry form. 12 lucky contestants will be randomly chosen to participate in on-ice activities during the second intermission with the winner getting a pair of tickets to the game on Sunday. Regarding your second question, I think I may be choosing a nice warm comfortable place to watch the game closer to home but thanks for the invite and good luck.
  • Q: Mark, Combined Locks, WI – Is TuTu still on the Admirals? That guy was incredible!!
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Mark, Jordin Tootoo is with Nashville. He is currently, however, in the NHL’s substance abuse rehabilitation program. We wish Jordin the very best and hope that he makes a full recovery and returns to the ice soon. I would agree that he was amazing to watch over the course of his time here. A real fan favorite!
  • Q: Jason, Bayview – Could the Admirals have stopped Jamie Lundmark from going overseas?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Jason, the answer to your question is possibly but there was no desire to do so. Once he made up his mind that he didn’t want to be here anymore it was a big red flag for us obviously. You want to have guys that are committed to your organization as well as to your coaches and players and once they make a decision otherwise that pretty much isn’t going to happen. We wish Jamie well in his future endeavors.
  • Q: Pat, Oconomowoc – Jon, are the Admirals’ practices open to the public? if so, when are they scheduled so fans can watch?
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Pat, our practices at the Kern Center are open to the public. They are generally in the mornings from 10:30-12:00. We do practice at the Bradley Center when ice is available to us however. The best course of action is to call our offices to double check where and when practices will be held.
  • Q: Chuck, WI – Jon, First off, I think you and the Admirals organization run one the best and most affordable sports entertainment functions around. This season I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a 1/2 season ticket package. I’ve been spreading the Admirals experience to everyone that will listen. My question is regarding merchandise. I know you can get apparel at the BC during games, at your offices and online. Are there any plans in getting Admirals apparel in other locations like local malls for the more casual fan? By the way, my son and I are 5-0 this year for games we’ve attended. Keep up the great work and GO Ads!!
  • A: Jon Greenberg – Chuck, you get the last question. This hour has flown by. Thanks everyone!! Thank you for your support and keep spreading that message! Regarding merchandise, we have been talking with a couple of retail locations about getting our stuff out there later this year. I feel confident that Kim Salli, our merchandise guru, will be able to get that done. In the meantime though, the options you mentioned are the best available. Since you are 5-0, I expect to see you Thursday and Friday at the BC! 7 pm for both. Thanks again everyone!

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