Defensive Depth Chart

It sounds like “The Cube” may miss some time after a hit in the game against the Blackhawks Sunday night.  A call-up may be in order prior to the Preds’ next game on Tuesday in Phoenix, unless the Preds like the idea of skating into AZ with just six healthy defensemen.

Two questions….

1.  If you were David Poile, which Admirals defenseman do you think is most deserving of a call-up to the big club?

2.  Who do you think will actually be called up?

Teemu Laakso
Jon Blum
Roman Josi
Brett Palin
Aaron Johnson
Scott Ford

My answers:

Laakso and Laakso.

I don’t think they want to rush Josi, and I think Laakso has been playing better/making less mistakes than Blum lately.

8 thoughts on “Defensive Depth Chart”

  1. I agree with Creedfeed although I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t call anyone up. They’ve gone with just the 6 D-men before.

    Congrats to Mueller on his 1st NHL point last night!

  2. I think Laakso or Johnson would be appropriate. I know a lot of the Preds faithful want to see Blum, but I really don’t think he’s first in line.

    They are on the road for the rest of the month….I think they have to call up someone to scratch every night…..just in case something freaky happens (ie: someone gets in front of a Weber slapshot in practice). I see that as a better option than depending on Wade Belak.

    Mueller played on a line with Halischuk and JP Dumont last night, and reports are saying that they played very well together.

  3. I think the only logical reason to call Blum up would be if Trotz plans to play him every game while he’s up. I just don’t see that happening while on a long roadtrip. It’s in the Preds best interest to have Blum playing every game so he can improve his skills. Thus, he should remain in Milwaukee.

    Now if the Preds were at home, and they only needed a d-man for one or two games, I’d possibly change my thoughts and say maybe they would bring Blum up just to give him a look at the NHL level.

  4. I just don’t see Blum being ready to play in the NHL yet, he makes too many mistakes. But then again I think that about Klein and he’s playing! I think Josi could handle it better but don’t see them rushing him just yet. I’d still go with Johnson or Laakso.

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