6 thoughts on “Mid Season Grades Round Four”

  1. Josi, B+, great d-man, plays hard expect more from him though, am happy thus far
    Van Guilder, B, Great in the faceoff dot, injury has thrown off his pace, i look for an excellent 2nd half from him
    Halischuk, B+, solid and coming into his own glad he is here
    Begin, C-, He just hasnt done a heck of alot, he has been hurt for a while and when he isnt hurt i barely know he is on the ice.
    Smith,B, well for a guy who was supposed to be a cyclone this year he is doing well, a little shaky at times but a good backup for dex.

  2. Josi A-, amazing at moving the puck up the ice, solid in the defensive zone. Have only seen a few small lapses which for as young as he is, is to be expected but he wont be here long.

    MVG B, he’s about where everyone expected him to be. Not a flashy player but a solid grinder who plays his role well. Stud in the shootouts too apparently.

    Halischuk B+, has played great as of late, and hopefully he keeps it up.

    Begin Incomplete, I don’t think we’ve seen enough of him to grade. Right around the time he should have been about to hit his groove, he got injured and we haven’t seen him since. I did expect more than I saw when he started though.

    Smith B-, has played his way into the backup role well. The first few games were VERY unsteady and nerve wracking (for him and me) but he has settled down and played well in his recent starts.

  3. Josi- A- The only defensemen that waltzes through the neutral zone with ease almost every time. A few more goals and I might have given him an A+

    Van Guilder- B Had a strong start, if it wern’t for his injury we might be seeing some better numbers but overall he’s been good

    Begin- I have to agree with ManintheBox’s incomplete

    Smith- B+ Very happy with the rookie, he got an opportunity and has made the best of it

  4. Josi B+ He could be graded higher if he didn’t try to skate by the entire other team!

    Van G B Good overall, very good on faceoffs.

    Halischuk B+ A pleasant surprise, well rounded.

    Begin Incomplete Flashes of brilliance when he plays.

    Smith B I didn’t expect him to stay in Milwaukee until next season. He has stepped up his play to the AHL level. A team with 2 good goalies can go a long way.

  5. Josi A Very fun to watch. Our most solid D-man and he is only 20 yrs old. Never afraid to shoot the puck and eventually it will pay off with more goals.

    Van Guilder B A shame he was injured when he was hot. Hope he can get back there. Pretty solid though and good in shootouts.

    Halischuck A- Has been very impressive since coming back from his injury.

    Begin C Too many injuries already. Can hit but not impressed with much else. Expected more.

    Smith B A pretty solid back-up.

  6. Josi, A. Roman Josi is an impressive two-way player. Reminds a lot of fellow countryman Mark Streit, Josi will be in the NHL in the not too far away future. Along with an excellent transition game, has plays strong defensively.
    Van Guilder, B+. MVG is one of those great stories in the minor leagues. A guy that works his tail off and seems to squeeze every ounce out of his game. His offensive upside is just waiting to breakout.
    Halischuk, B+. Congrats on earning a promotion in the NHL, a player with the talent to play in the NHL, but he has yet to catch on long term. He’s been a nice find for Milwaukee.
    Begin, B-. Missing training camp really hurt Begin, combined with the injury bug. Has showed lots of signs this year, but the Admirals really need him back to solidify the special teams. Though he had high hopes of playing in Nashville this year, he’s got to be content at this point with Milwaukee and earning a bigger contract next year.
    Smith, B. Smith is doing exactly what Milwaukee needs him to do, step in and do his job when Dekanich is either up or hurt. I had big worries about the Admirals back up earlier, but Smith seems to be shoring up that roster spot.

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