Admirals Feed Fans With 5-1 Win

If you thought that a random Thursday night hockey game wasn’t your time, you missed quite the game.  And you would have received free buffalo wings and free frosties, just coming to watch your favorite hockey team.  Admirals were victorious over the Grand Rapids Griffins 5-1 on Thursday night.

Here’s the coach.

The first period came and went without much excitement. Both teams seemed to be reeling to get that good set up and the Admirals even had a power play to help. Unfortunately for both teams, neither one was able to light the lamp. Now I said that the first came and went without “MUCH” excitement, I didn’t say no excitement.  With 12:32 spent in the first, Adam Keefe was skating the puck through the neutral zone with his head down (tisk, tisk). Scott Ford buried him for his troubles in what was called the “best hit of the year” by some.  Keefe got up from the ice, pride hurting and all, and went after Ford. The two came together and the gloves went flying.  Both were great with the jabs and hooks but Ford took control of the fight landing (what seems to be his new move) body shots and coming up with a hook to the dome in a nice combo effort. With the fight clearly in hand, Ford was attempting to do something (no one quite knows) but whatever the plan was, it backfired and before Ford knew it Keefe was standing over him with a clinched fist ready to end the fight on a downed Ford. Luckily for Ford the linesmen jumped in and sent them both to the bin for their troubles.

The second period took awhile to get going but boy was it way more exciting than the first. It was the Griffins that got on the board first at the 10:07 mark. The Griffins’ Joakim Andersson was down low in the offensive zone skating towards the blue line. Andersson eyed Greg Amadio at the far side of the blue line and dished the puck to him. Amadio wound up and fired a shot on net that got though the traffic in front and somehow ended up beating net minder Jeremy Smith on the short side. We have had several of the country’s best angle-ologist doing well what angle-ologists do best, and frankly, they were stumped how that beat Smith near side.

Not to be outdone the Admirals were able to answer back with Ryan Flynn scoring his first professional goal 18:18 into the stanza. The puck was dumped into the zone with Mike Bartlett chasing the puck down. He was able to fend off two Griffins players and get the puck up the boards to Mark Van Guilder near side, inside the circle. Van Guilder sent a pass through two Griffins defenders (Filppula and Pare) to a wide open Flynn, who took the puck top shelf to light the lamp. It should be noted that the assists that were given to Bartlett and Van Guilder should be classified as “super assists” with Flynn reaping the rewards of their great play.

Shortly after the goal, the Griffins’ Willie Coetzee committed a tripping penalty to give the Admirals the man advantage for two minutes. The Admirals would only need  just 12 seconds to convert, giving them their first lead of the game. Ryan Thang got the puck between the circles and skated to his left towards the net. He put a shot on the net through traffic that was deflected down. With the Griffins defenders following Thang they left the puck for Matt Halischuk to pick up just in front of the crease, and he put a shot on net past a committed Jordan Pearce. The goal was Halischuk’s 9th on the year with helpers going to Thang and Lundmark.

The Admirals would start the 3rd period playing the part of the aggressor, and got two very quick goals. Just 3:30 into the period the Admirals were crashing the net after a shot and rebound. The puck was pinballed around in front by Van Guilder and Aaron Johnson.  Flynn skated through the traffic and put a shot on net that got passed Pearce to give the Admirals the 3rd goal of the game. Coach Lambert says it’s great see guys like Flynn who work hard get rewarded.

Before the crowd was even back in their seats the Admirals put another one past Pearce. Although this one couldn’t be fully credited to Pearce, his defense let him down.  Logan Pyett skated the puck around his own net trying to avoid the persistent Gabriel Bourque. Well, it didn’t work. Bourque caught up to him when he was between the circles, stole the puck and did the ole spin-n-shoot for the goal. Pearce seemed not even to notice the shot but he sure did hear the horn.


This next sequence is not a joke nor a gag or any cunning ruse for that matter. What I am about to say ACTUALLY happened. With that said, read at your own discretion.


THURESSON SCORED!!!!! THURESSON SCORED!!!!! Truthfully, I had to watch all the replays because I couldn’t believe my eyes. But, through all the smoke, haze and confetti it was in fact Thuresson that got the goal.  It was a nice give and go between Thuresson and Bourque to allow Andreas to get open inside the near circle. Thuresson put a wrister on net that beat Pearce far side. I swear if you looked close enough after the goal you could see the monkey hop off Thuresson’s shoulders, walk through the penalty box, then up to section 212 have a seat and light a cigarette. Talk about a stretch that Thuesson is happy to see end of. The goal gave the Admirals the 5-1 lead and sealed the deal in this matchup.

Coach Lambert hopes that we’ll be seeing more of that from #12.



Here were your lines.

Halischuk – Lundmark – Thang
Wilson – Hunter – Santorelli
Thuresson – Geoffrion – Bourque
Bartlett – Van Guilder – Ryan/Matt Flynn

Jeremy Smith avenged his loss from the last time Grand Rapids played here.  You may recall that was a pretty ugly game.  The defense came in and helped him out a lot, but it was still a very solid effort.  Every game like this makes us forget Chet Pickard’s name a little more.  (But damn, the tattoos just won’t go away)

Bourque continues to be the man.  Every shift, every minute.

We were just about to have a pool-like-contest to guess when Thuresson was finally going to score.  It was going to be epic.  Ah, the best laid plans never go through.

Drunk contestants are funny.  Poor Ryan.  MILWAUUUUUUUUUUUUKEEEEEEEEEEE!


Do you like how the team kept the pedal to the metal after the 2nd intermission?

Ryan/Matt Flynn.  Was he just in the right place at the right time for his two goals, or do you think his play has really improved of late?

10-2-2-1 at home for the Admirals.  Pretty good, ya’ll,

How about Wilson’s fight?  Not one of his better ones.

Linus Klasen scratched again for the Preds.  Maybe that’s what we’ll have a pool about….when does he get sent back to MKE?  Trotz would rather run Wade Belak out there for a few minutes than Klasen.  What’s up wit dat?

So Ryan will be back driving this truck for Saturday’s game.  Thanks for laughing at my jokes, or just at me.  Either way, hope you were laughing.

9 thoughts on “Admirals Feed Fans With 5-1 Win”

  1. Did drunky mcdrunkerson steal the twitter machine for the 3rd period? I had no idea where to look for the 3rd period. Obviously neither did Pearce….bazinga!

  2. Nick Spaling got hurting during the preds game tonight. Trotz said he expects him back Saturday, but trotz hasn’t been spot on about guy’s return dates. So Linus may be staying there a bit longer, if anything just incase others get hurt. The benifit of Belak playing a couple minutes and doing nothing still makes no sense to me When Linus could be getting some useful ice time.

  3. Also very funny bit about the Thuresson goal. Hopefully now that he got the one he will keep rolling.

  4. Armadio committed two penalties in one series… he was called for an infraction and then committed another on the delayed penalty and I think that is a game misconduct. Never seen that before.

  5. So what exactly happened in the Wilson fight? Was watching Laakso in front of the net at that time?

    Amadio got the 10 minute misconduct for whining/arguing/throwing obscenities/being Dawn’s least favorite player/etc from what I noticed/assume after play stopped.

    And glad to see Klasen up where he belongs, I mean, what’s better than press row in Nashville. I’m sure SantaC is really excited about that, he got his wish to see Klasen in Nashville.

  6. Ya Amadio was yapping at the ref as he was being escorted to the penalty box. Banfield was skating to the box to make the initial penalty calls and then turned around and gave the misconduct gesture to Amadio. He must have said something to Banfield…

  7. Yeah, figured it had to be that Amadio said the magic word to Banfield.

    I missed the start of the Wilson bout, but it seemed like his opponent pulled Wilson’s sweater over his head and went to town. Kelsey seemed to be coming out of it when the linesmen stepped in. Tough call if you’re a linesman probably….Wilson seemed to be in a defenseless position.

    As for Linus….there has to be more to the story. I wonder how well he has been practicing and if Barry likes what he has been seeing. It seems like a bit of a slap in the face for them to play Belak in favor of Klasen. Even if they just put him on the power play, he’ll probably get more minutes than what Belak has been getting!

    Figure Halischuk is next in line for a callup if the injury bug doesn’t go away?

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