Photos From Sunday’s Game / Caption Contest

Photo credits:  Ryan freaking Miller, ya’ll.

Eh, I’m not a pro….I can’t hold a candle to Chris Jerina or Scott Paulus.  I don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph as them.  But with Sutty holding down the recap, it allowed me to roam around and try to pretend that I knew how to work my wife’s fancy schmancy camera.

So here you go.

First, the man of the hour.  His Yonkness.

Gabriel Bourque attempting to check his Yonkness.  Kind of reminds me of this.

Bourque working hard around the crease.

The puck sitting in the middle of the of the scrum.  If I knew a rugby joke, I’d make it here.

This is a rare one indeed.  Jeff Smith calling a penalty.  Looks of disbelief all around.  And Matt Halischuk lost a contact lens.

And I’ll leave you with a photo for a caption contest.  You know the rules by now.

Featuring our good friends, Matt Moore, John W. Bitter, Nate Harker, Brian Martens, and HHP contestant….

11 thoughts on “Photos From Sunday’s Game / Caption Contest”

  1. Good photos, especially the one with the handsome man wearing the Bruins colors!

    Matt Moore: Stop farting, you are blowing the sling and the three amigos back!

  2. Matt Moore has flashbacks of being bullied in grade school while watching the stretching of the bungee cord. Thus resulting in Moore picking out his “pseudo-wedgie”.

  3. “You see the girl behind me in the orange, I got her wrapped around my little finger”

    “We are not worthy”

  4. i can’t think of anything approriate to say. My mom said if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all.

  5. MM: Look guys, I just got off the phone with ACME and they said that they would love to upgrade us from the slingshot to rocket powered rollerskates, but from a fiscal standpoint with insurance and the whole ice melting issue, I suggest we decline.

  6. Matt trying his best to be a 1950’s Drag race starter.

    Matt: On your Marks…

    Human Hockey Puck: I wonder if I turned off the stove at home? Ah who cares, I’m going to get a strike!!

    Group holding the slingshot: Hey Matt, Do you think we can get him airborne? We tried that at the bowling alley yesterday and it worked!

    Matt: I don’t think that is the best idea, Go….

    Matt pulls off the impression to perfection and the human hockey puck gets a strike!

    Go Ads!

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