Thoughts From Poile And Trotz Part II

Before we get to Part II, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you the happiest holiday season of your lives.  If you’re in to Chirstmas, may it be merry this wonderful day.  If you’re in to movies and Chinese food today, may there be a great plot and some hot & sour soup.  From all of us at the Roundtable, we wish you all the best, we thank you for your support so far this season, and we thank you for reading and commenting.

Okay!  Time for the sequel.  Here we go!

On Linus Klasen, and what he needs to do to get some more NHL time:

Poile —  I think it’s a little bit of getting used to the North American game.  I think it’s also the defensive part of the game…defensive responsibilities.  It’s not just all offense, you’ve got to be responsible.  The power play is one thing, but most of the game is still played 5-on-5.  I’d like to think because of his scoring prowess that we can find a way to give him a chance before not too long.

Poile recognizes the offensive skill, and sounds like he’s hopeful that they’ll be able to make a place for him at some point this season.

He’s more of a mystery to Coach Trotz.

Trotz — He’s a hard guy to gauge, since he does everything with his hands, and he doesn’t really skate and cover a lot of area.  He sort of just stands there and makes plays.  And that’s very difficult to do in the National Hockey League.  Here they have guys they have great hands like Zetterberg and Datsyuk — they’re not standing still when they’re doing that.  So it’s going to be very difficult for him to have a lot of success playing a very specific role.   And that role would have to be either replacing a JP Dumont or Steve Sullivan or someone like that, who’s really a pure offensive guy, and put a couple responsible guys (with him) and see if we can have some success.  I think he’s got a good chance at some point again with us.”

They both end their assessments the same way.  I think if Klasen can make some progress with his defensive responsibility, and if the Preds keep mustering only one goal a game (like they have in their last three games), he may find himself back in Music City.  But the take-home message is that from a long-term perspective, there needs to be more to his game than just creativity.

On who was impressive in the game against the Wolves on Tuesday:

Trotz: — I’m really happy with our young defense.  Laakso, Josi, and Blum.  Up front, first time seeing Bourque at this level — I really like him.  Chris Mueller, to me is really to come along.  Geoffrion still has some holes in his game yet, but he’ll get there.  Lane will get that out of him.

I think Blum has had good games and bad games lately, but I think Josi and Laakso have been pretty good.  Of course, tough to ignore Mueller’s game these days.  Interesting to see him call out Geoffrion like so.  Lane’s a great teacher, and it’s nice to see that Trotz has Lane’s back.  Geoffrion’s progression will no doubt be one of the keys for the Admirals success as we head into 2011.

And what do the Preds want Santa Claus to bring them today?

Poile:  Just want us to be healthy.
Trotz:  Some health.  We really could use Legwand and Lombardi back on a full time basis.

Ok Roundtable — so what are you hoping Santa will bring the Admirals (or hockey in general) today?

9 thoughts on “Thoughts From Poile And Trotz Part II”

  1. Here’s hoping that Santa brings Milwaukee the continued success we’ve come to enjoy since moving into the AHL and long-term partnership with the parent club. Happy Holidays to all you ART followers out there

  2. Question about Mueller. Since he does not have an NHL contract, could any NHL team snatch him up if they wanted to? Or is there some kind of contractual obligation that would send him to the Preds first? Kind of hard to imagine that with how he finished last season, and began this season, that nobody is giving him a legitimate chance.

  3. So off topic, but the right place to post it. The coolest Christmas gift I received; My aunt found an old wooden hockey stick signed by the entire 1996-1997 Admirals team! She had it lying around and knew that I would appreciate (and will hang it behind my bar). I checked out the roster online and since it’s a bit before my (hockey watching) time, the only names I recognize are Tony Hrkac and Chris Luongo (also happens to be Luongo’s stick). Anywho, just a nice little piece of history to add to my collection!

  4. To Mark & AdsandPredsfan, the Preds are reporting that they signed Mueller and he has been called up. So, at least they jumped on it and signed him before anyone else tried to.

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