Ads Hit The Break With Shootout Win

After a disappointing effort against the Wolves on Saturday, the Admirals rebounded with a much better performance Tuesday night, beating the Wolves 3-2 in a shootout.

LINKS:  Box score, Ads recap, Wolves recap, Game highlights (thank you Wolfkeeper), Kulda lynching

I won’t go into the descriptions of each goal, as the highlights speak for themselves, and the play-by-play guys do a pretty good job with analysis.  But I’ll share some thoughts…

– Some fluky goals against tonight, and the interesting thing is that’s not usually how the Wolves beat you.  It’s usually skill, speed, power-play, and crashing the net.  But the two goals?  A long shot catching Dex cheating, and a play where Dex kind of taps it in himself.  Despite those goals, good marks to Dekanich and the defense for neutralizing the high powered offense.

– Dex really did settle down after that first goal.  Very poised, and stayed that way with all the chaos around him, and getting run into a few times.  The Admirals had a goaltending interference penalty called in their favor tonight, with Riley Holzapfel bowling into Dekanich at the end of the second period.  That was the penalty that gave the Admirals the power play that they tied the game with.  The Wolves complained was that Holzapfel was pushed by Brett Palin, but I’m not sure the physics work out in their favor.  Palin was late with his push, and had he been successful, I think it would have pushed Holzapfel wide of the net.  Yes, he did get a get a little bit of Holzapfel, but I think Riley still had time and space to avoid contact with Dekanich.  I think it was the right call.  But I had the benefit of replays….the ref had to make a call on a bang-bang play.  In defense of the Wolves, the ref did let a ton of stuff go, and a lot of that was to Milwaukee’s advantage.

– Touching on the 2nd Wolves goal for a moment.  The ref didn’t have a good angle on the puck, and I think one could make the argument (Lane probably tried to) that the play should have been blown dead as soon as he lost site of the puck.  The camera angles were great, but the ref doesn’t have those.  He didn’t call it a goal right away, but after discussion with the linesmen, and a conversation on a phone in the penalty box area, the play was ruled a goal.  I’m certainly not arguing that the puck didn’t cross the line, and credit the goal judge for being on top of it.  We’re able to read Lane’s lips in the highlight video…I’d be interested to know what the ref said back to him.

And Wolfkeeper (or anyone else who may know) — is the league testing out video replay in the All-State Arena?  Any idea who was on the other end of that Bat-phone call?

– Great special teams from the Admirals.  Great puck movement on the power play.  Some nights pucks bounce over sticks at the blue line and passes aren’t clean.  Tonight they moved the puck well, and won battles down low to spend a lot of time in the attack zone during their power play chances.

– I’d be interested to know what Lundmark was yapping about after his shootout goal.  But man….Mannino looked like a different goalie in the shootout.  If you’re going to try to poke it away like that he did on Lundmark’s attempt, you better get it.

– After going backhand and forehand on previous shootout attempts/penalty shots against the Wolves, Klasen goes five-hole.  Way to keep ’em guessing!  Pretty good offensive night for Klasen on the stat sheet, and overall play too.

– Took the camera folks less than 3 minutes to put my wife and I on the Megatron.  Grand.  We elected to find some new seats.

– 3 stars on the box score?  Not the 3 that were announced.  Mannino and Machacek were in the original announcement, if I recall correctly…

– Preds are playing the Blackhawks Wednesday night, and the Preds brass made the trip to Rosemont tonight.  I had the chance to talk with Coach Trotz and Mr. Poile, and we’ll share some of their thoughts with you over the holiday break.

Discussion?  Watch the highlights and opine away!

26 thoughts on “Ads Hit The Break With Shootout Win”

  1. The ref spoke to the goal judge via landline & mobile phone. The east end judge is pretty secluded, and we’ve had a bad time with handheld radios, so we just call them instead now.

  2. Your boxscore links are messed up FYI.

    > I’d be interested to know what Lundmark was yapping about after his shootout goal.

    My guess is he thought Manino tried to purposely trip him, or grab his leg?

    Regarding that second Wolves goal, when the ref blew the whistle he signaled his arms up in the air. I’m not trying to debate the goal as we all saw it was a goal. But could this be why Lane Lambert was upset? I thought if the ref puts his arms up in the air like that (above his head in a V fashion), the play is dead. He didn’t signal a goal, and he never looked at the goal judge. Only after the Wolves started celebrating did he look around and then start talking with the linesmen.

    Irregardless, nice win, we needed that one. Sucks to give a point up to a divisional opponent, but at least at this point the Wolves are below us.

    Also, nice interview by Trotz in the intermission with Aaron Sims. Trotz said, in summary, that Dex played well despite the outcome of the game. He acknowledged it was a tough situation for Dex as the team was horrible in front of him, but it was a learning experience for him. He also said that Geoffrion has too many holes in his game at this point and needs to work on those. I missed the part though where he explained what those holes were though…. anyone catch that?

  3. I type here in a response of a comment of another thread. I am a fan of Linus Klasen because I saw him and omark in the SEL. I dislike the fact that the other Linus, Omark get all the headlines and no one outside the ADS is recognizing Klasen. No one gives a squat about him, and yet I believe he is just as good as Linus Omark (who plays in the NHL now), and it pains me to see that not a lot of people see the real potential he has, an amazing offensive game. (probably better than omark)

    Yet he will probably never play more than at best a handful games for the preds because they dont like this type of player. Trotz wants his gritty hard nosed player even if that player has hands of stone. So I believe Klasen wont get a fair shot in that organization no matter how many points he puts up for Admirals.

  4. Omark plays for a “not-very-good” Edmonton Oilers…and that’s IF he’s there full time, or just for a boost. Right now, Nashville’s in 2nd place in the division, and last time I saw, only about 4 points behind Detroit. So they’re obviously doing fine without him at the moment, so why not let him build his skills in the meantime??? You say the preds don’t respect him and aren’t giving him a chance…We’re not even 3 months into the season, it takes time. I’d say they did give him a chance, how many other NHL clubs snagged Klasen out of Sweden?

  5. Creed~

    My guess is Lundmark got a little cocky after Manino went out after him and Lundmark was still able to slide it past him. It didn’t look like Manino was trying to grab or trip anybody, just trying to make an aggressive play on the puck.

  6. Sorry Mark, I agree with CreedFeed. Manino’s stick was behind him on his right. Lundmark went to Manino’s left. He spun around and tried to hip-check Lundmark to separate him from the puck. It could have been a trip attempt. Is that even legal? Since I don’t know what was said by either player, I won’t address that. I only know what I saw on the video!

  7. Maybe they were just exchanging pleasantries…”Merry Christmas” maybe?

    I watched the video again, and yeah, I can see your point(s). Still, I’d like to give Manino the benefit of the doubt, and say he overcorrected himself. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t but Lundmark thought it was…Maybe it was the pleasantries I stated above.

  8. Mark, all I said is that klasen is not a trotz like player. btw both Omark and Zucarello (way worse stats than klasen) has been called up to NHL.

  9. Yeah Santa, I know he’s currently in the NHL, but I’m wondering how long that will last. Again, Edmonton’s playing like garbage right now, so he could be up there for a while but there’s also a chance he’s only up there for another game or 2.

  10. Klasen has 27p in the ads jersery, the next best guy has 20p. I have to say that is impressive for a player that never played on north american ice before.

  11. Santa, I agree that Trotz seems to prefer the grind-it-out type of players, but in the end Klassen is the one who made the decision to sign with the Nashville organization. He does deserve a good shot to be in the NHL, but he’s an unproven player in North America. If Nashville was in last place and struggling to score I bet Klassen would be up there right now. However Nashville has been playing well and they really don’t need a forward to step in right now.

    If he pays his dues and improves his defensive game, he’ll be given his shot and will most likely succeed.

  12. I dont think he will ever be a good defensive player, and that is not his role. Not every forward in the NHL is good defensively either. That said I am sure he can still improve in all aspects of his game.

  13. I think what SantaC is saying is that he rather see Klasen playing in Nashville alongside Belak and Tootoo. I mean look at the wonders in development that did for Cal O. (Since realistically, what other line would Klasen play on at this moment)

    And you said Zuccarello got called up already by NYR? Well Klasen got called up earlier, so what point does that make, besides that anyone can get called up for a cup of coffee. Heck, Adam Cracknell is in St Louis…

  14. Santa, so you admit that Klassen’s role is an offensive scorer right? As has already been said… Nashville does not have any open spots on an offensive line right now. Like TheOneGoodThingSaid, do you want to see Klassen up playing 4 minutes a game alongside Belak and Tootoo? Remember hockey is a business. Unless Nashville gets sudden injuries or someone just starts sucking it up so bad (like Edmonton hah) he will have to wait his turn. You think Nashville is going to sit guys making millions who are playing just fine to let Klassen get a chance?

    In the mean time he should work on improving his game and impressing the coaching staff even further.

  15. I SECOND the sentiment. ENOUGH about Klasen. I’m sick of 2 people’s obsessions with the guy. Enough is enough.

  16. What’s wrong having a legit discussion about the scoring leader? It brings more traffic to this site also.

  17. Agreed… the discussion about Klassen is legitimate and is being done with taste. I don’t see any reason why people can’t have a civilized discussion about a topic relating to the team… unless Ryan or one of the other staff asks to stop…

    The Preds don’t have any major injuries on their top scoring lines? Hornqvist was out for a few games but is back now. Legwand is out but they have bodies to fill in.

    The bigger issue in my mind is what will happen when Lombardi is back and ready to go. Does he get an automatic spot on the top line? If so that’s going to screw over O’Reilly with the hard work he’s put in. He better not get bumped out of his spot, he’s earned it!!

  18. I’m ok with the Klasen discussions….as long as we don’t just go in circles.

    I think Cal will be okay there for awhile…but I get the sense that it’d mean the end of Nick Spaling in Nashville for awhile. I don’t think they want to mess with the Kostitsyn – Goc – Erat line right now…so maybe when Lombardi is ready we get a line like Dumont – Lombardi – Hornqvist?

    I’ve got some quotes from Poile and Trotz about Klasen, which I’ll be sharing over the next couple days… I’ll say that it’s not groundbreaking, but it kind of verifies what we’ve been saying about why he’s here and what he needs to work on.

  19. about the whole klasen thing he is a great offensive player a real great asset to any team but like most first year guys in the ahl he is in the minors to improve his game. anybody want to talk about a guy who deserved an early shot at the nhl look no further than pekka. he spent more time here then maybe neede BUT it was needed and helped him alot. santa i know your frustration in seeing a guy work hard and not get his chance yet. enjoy the climb and when he does make the nhl where ever that maybe you can look back at his times in milwaukee and watch his game evolve. he Will be in the nhl.

  20. Here’s what you need to know about Klasen: he’s 4’11” tall and plays no defense. He’s a wizard of offence, but that’s only part of the game. A midget like Klasen gets eaten alive in the NHL. Let him thrive in the AHL instead of languish in the NHL.

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