Caption Contest Winner 12/17

You’ve had your chance to be funny.  And now it’s time to select a winner in our latest caption contest.

Honorable Mentions go to:

– Big Red for “Limbo. You’re doing it wrong.”  It’s not a bona fide caption contest unless Big Red gets an honorable mention.  So there it is.

– Creed Feed for “There’s goes Blake’s shot at getting on ABC’s Skating With The Stars!”  It’s funny, but totally piggybacking off of the last winner with the ABC prime time television reference.   Can’t give it to ya this time.

And with the help of Mr. Big Shot himself, Eric Kent….. we have selected and are pleased to announce the winner of the delicious media room cookies…..

Even after four years at Wisconsin, Blake Geoffrion still has to be taught how to “Jump Around”.

Mazel tovs to Mark for his caption!  Send me a message to admiralsroundtable (at) g(mail) dot com , and we’ll work out the delivery.  If you’re coming to tonight’s game, let me know your seat location, and I should be able to get your winnings to you this evening.

As always, thanks to everyone for playing our silly reindeer games.

2 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winner 12/17”

  1. Congratulating me in Hebrew during the Christmas season? I’d have to quote Alanis Morissette with an “Isn’t it ironic?”

    Thank you everyone, for your support. After the game I will be joining Pickard and Josi in the Autograph corner, however, I will be charging for my signature.

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