Haydar Suspended

So, I’m just minding my own business…reading some of the headlines and news stories at theahl.com ….. And then I see this:

The AHL also announced that Chicago Wolves right wing Darren Haydar has been suspended for three (3) games as a result of his actions in a game at Abbotsford on Dec. 11.

Haydar was assessed a game misconduct under AHL Rule 40.4 for physical abuse of an official (Category III), resulting in an automatic three-game suspension.

Haydar will miss Chicago’s games tonight (Dec. 15) and Friday (Dec. 17) at Rockford and Saturday (Dec. 18) vs. Milwaukee.

Haydar?  Suspended?  3 games?  What the hell happened?  That’s not like him.  Maybe all that time being a Chicago Wolf is rubbing off on him?

I haven’t seen the play yet, but in reading several sources (including the Wolfkeeper.org message boards), here’s how it seems to have happened.

The story starts in a familiar way, with Haydar questioning why referee David Banfield (who is an AWFUL referee) didn’t call a penalty on one of the Abbotsford Heat players after Haydar was taken down.  Nothing surprising so far.  Haydar does that all the time.

Banfield then gave him two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct.  Then a misconduct for abuse of officials.  The linesman escorting him off the ice was apparently being a bit aggressive in his driving.  And Haydar gave a push back.  That’s definitely a no-no.  And that’s where the game misconduct and suspension came from.

We’ve seen linesmen get a little extra fresh with players before.  Do you think they should have their actions reviewed by the league too?  Where is line drawn where officials can abuse players?

I’ll see if I can find the video somewhere on the internet, and share it with the class….

2 thoughts on “Haydar Suspended”

  1. Chicago fans thought he didn’t do anything wrong? Hmm, thats weird. Chicago fans are always unbiased.

  2. Ryan the most important note is the final line in that press release:

    Haydar will miss Chicago’s games tonight (Dec. 15) and Friday (Dec. 17) at Rockford and Saturday (Dec. 18) vs. Milwaukee.

    That is a very significant fact considering Darren Haydar is the second leading scorer on Chicago, with 11 goals, 17 assists and 28 points, and someone other than Haydar will be dressed on Saturday against Milwaukee. Didn’t seem to matter too much tonight against Rockford as the Wolves won 4-2.

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