New Caption Contest

Long break in the middle of the week… So to help pass the time, here’s another caption contest for you, courtesy of the lens of Scott Paulus.

As usual, media room cookies will be awarded to the winner and delivered to their seats at a future Admirals game.  Or if the winner isn’t local, maybe we’ll send you an autographed picture of Sutty eating media room cookies.  That’d have to be able to get you, like, 25 cents on eBay.  Maybe a buck with the buy-it-now option….


RULES:  Submit a caption of the picture, or you can give quotes to the players in the picture in the comments section of this post.  Just make us laugh!  Keep the content PG-13, and don’t insult your fellow fans.

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “New Caption Contest”

  1. OKC Barons jokster, Liam Reddox (OKC Barons #9), decides to topple his 3-man pyramid when the puck arrives during early play on Sunday night.

  2. .. OR ..

    “[Insert name of player who’s jumping] just finished recording his submission tape for ABC’s Skating With The Stars”

    (can’t tell who that is jumping haha)

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