Ads Don’t Finish Well, Lose to Stars In OT

The Texas Stars outshot the Admirals 18-10 in the 3rd period, and then scored on a controversial goal 17 seconds into overtime, giving them a 3-2 win at the Bradley Center Saturday night.

After making an initial save, Admirals goaltender Chet Pickard was bowled over by Greg Rallo.  With the puck just in front of the crease, Travis Morin had the easy tap-in to win the game for the Stars.

Pickard remained on the ice for a few minutes being treated by the athletic trainer, but was able to skate off on his own power.

There are two schools of thought on that play.  I’ll star with Coach Lambert’s take.

“You know what’s funny?  What’s funny is that we have a ref who misses that, and I’m the guy that’s going to get fined.  That’s frickin hilarious.  What a joke.  They should fine HIM.  He should be fined.

“Apparently they explained it to my captain, but what’s there to explain?  It’s clearly goalie interference.  There is no excuse for missing the call.”

What did referee Joe Sullivan explain to Brett Palin?  The explanation was that Rallo was engaged with Teemu Laakso, and Laakso helped bowl Rallo into Pickard.

Like it or not, right or wrong, that was the story on the overtime goal.  (We’ll solicit your thoughts at the end of the post….)

Unlike the last two games, the Admirals stayed out of the penalty box in the first two minutes, and they were actually the ones to score an early goal.  Grant Lewis, who was playing because the team elected to dress seven defensemen, was pinching down, and his bad-angle shot from the bottom of the far face-off dot beat Stars goalie Tyler Beskorowany.

The score remained that way until the 3rd period.  The Admirals found themselves in penalty trouble at the start of the frame, and the Stars were able to put a lot of shots on goal.  But the PK units were very strong, Chet was in position, and both were a bit lucky at times.  While the Stars didn’t score on the PP, their momentum kept the Admirals on their heels for most of the period.

The Stars’ first goal was scored by Colton Sceviour.  After Pickard made the initial save, the puck was bouncing by near post.  Sceviour was able to score before Chet could get back to that side of the net.

2:23 later, the Stars took the lead on an all-around poor play by Chet.  The puck came on net harmlessly, and Chet hesitated for a moment deciding whether to play it or freeze it.  He elected it to play it up the boards to his left.  Forward Sean Backman fired what seemed to be a harmless shot from just inside the Subway logo in front of the blue line.  That shot beat Pickard.  Don’t think he was screened.  This long-shot problem isn’t new, and hasn’t gone away since we last saw him.

Aside from that second goal, Chet played very well, and played with poise under fire.  He deserved a better fate.  (although, I think the 2nd goal he allowed should have taken him out of the 3 stars voting.  Dave Boehler and I didn’t vote for him….somehow he was the #1 star?  Odd.)

But the Admirals showed some character, and had the best chances over the last six and a half minutes of the game.  Gabriel Bourque converted on one of those chances, deflecting a Jon Blum shot past Beskorowany with 3:58 to play.


– Thuresson was better….but now 21 games in a row without a goal.

– Jamie Lundmark got hosed on a roughing minor in third period.  Basically, he went to the box for hanging out in front of the crease.  Blake Geoffrion did come to his defense, and that was nice to see.  I think Sullivan got the wrong guy for roughing.  It ended up being coincidental minors, and nothing came of the 4-on-4 time.

– Mark Santorelli scratched for a second straight game.  Ryan Flynn also scratched.

– Mike Barlett with two assists on the night.

– Lane was given a game misconduct, listed as 39.5 ii on the box score.


Quick turnaround for tomorrow…so we’ll be brief here.  Feel free to talk about any part of the game, but what I really want to know is what you thought of the bang-bang play surrounding the game winning goal.  Did Laakso force Rallo into Chet?  Did Rallo not really make much of an effort to avoid Chet?  Should the referee be fined?  Did the ref get the call right?

See you tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Ads Don’t Finish Well, Lose to Stars In OT”

  1. I think that’s the worst blown call I’ve seen in my 5 seasons. From what I
    I saw I don’t think he was forced into Chet. Very bad way to end a game in which he looked much better than he has this season. Looked a lot more comfortable than he did Friday night.
    If a ref blows a call like that they should be fined, I doubt he will thought. Stinks that between no goal review and one ref the kinds of things that are missed at the ahl level.

  2. tl;dr plus drove thru too much snow home so I’ll keep it short.

    Rallo collided with Pickard? Yes… why not mention the fact Laakso was there shouldering him into Pickard. It can’t be goalie interference if you are forced there not of your will… Sullivan made the right call (for once, an AHL ref got it right?)

    Not to mention Laakso was hooking Rallo, and still had Rallo hooked when he hit Pickard (and similarly, was extending his arms pushing/turning Rallo into Pickard)

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    P.S. Ryan Miller, you still owe me and a friend dinner. I kept up my end of the bargain…

  3. Laakso was kind of in between but Rallo clearly plowed into Chet. If that’s not intereference, then I guess that’s how everyone should score goals now. Just plow into the goalie and you’ll have a wide open net! Just not Thuresson – he’d miss it!

    If the refs would be fined for such bad calls maybe they would do a better job! That goes for all sports too not just hockey. At least some of the others have instant replay though.

    Thought Chet played well enough for a win. The rest of the team maybe not. Looked great in the 1st, fell off after that. Can’t say we would have won but shouldn’t have lost like that.

    Good to see the crowd fired up and mad at the end. If I was Lambert I would have had a fine too.

  4. Since I was a goalie for 12 years, it’s obvious whose side I’m going to be on….but either way I think the wrong call was made. As an offensive player, you HAVE to be aware of where you are on the ice, especially around the crease. Was Laakso engaged in battle with him? Sure. Did he purposely ride him into his goalie? No. What pissed me off so much about it….if the coach is asking for an explaination (or cussing at you, yelling, and demanding one) you should give him one before you leave the ice. Had they given Lane an explaination..he wouldn’t have had to yell for so long and slam the doors. Obviously the refs discussed something, and Lane was right to want an explaination.

    Other thoughts about the game:

    Blake looked REALLY strong in the first period. Was making smart offensive plays, battling hard, and it looks like the month off did him well.

    Thuresson played really smart tonight. It was nice to see him play the good offensive hockey we have come to expect from him…but it looks like he is trying too hard to get the monkey off his back.

    Chet looked decent, and stood up well when he was getting peppered in the 3rd period. 2nd goal was entirely his fault though.

    The penalty on Lundmark was stupid on the refs part. If anyone should have gotten the gate, it should have been Blake.

    Why do the fans in 204 yell at the ref for making obvious calls? The penalty that Wilson took? Could have been charging, roughing, elbowing or anything….It was a stupid play to make, and the penalty was deserved.

    The 1 minute left promotion is cool…but can we turn the ticking clock off? that was annoying.

  5. oh, and another thing.

    Lundmark and Palin need to stop bitching about things AFTER EVERY PLAY.

  6. Chris — I fully intend to as well. Email me, and we’ll schedule something. I know you’re busy and not always local. Throw some dates at me, and we’ll make it happen.

    And thanks for sharing the Laakso/Rallo pictures.

  7. 5 and 15 are soft along the wall getting the puck out of the zone. The last play the Admirals Dman behind the net used a soft backhand to get out of the zone that was the last time the Admirals had the puck till it was in there net. Trade some Skill for some Grit.

  8. MITB… wait, someone else actually realized that Palin and Lundmark whine about everything? Frankly, I wouldnt be surprised if that’s why Lundmark got that questionable/phantom Roughing call in the 3rd.

    And here’s a hypothetical question (since it doesnt really matter anyway)… even if Pickard wasn’t plowed… would have have been able to get over to stop Morin’s shot? He did kick the rebound right to him.

    And Ryan, since you’re more familiar with game-ops that anyone else here… is the puck in the Sendiks bag supposed to be a warmup puck (aka w/o markings, and aka one that cannot be used in the game?).

  9. I thought that Chet played well, except for the second goal. After seeing the replays, I feel that Sullivan made the wrong call in allowing Texas to pull this bush league play. It used to be called the “Toledo Slopshot”. The first guy in knocks down the goalie and the second guy flips the puck over the prone goalie into the net.

    Good pictures Chris! The first one looks like hooking. Laakso is trying to impede Rallo from running Chet over. It didn’t work too well as Chet went flying! Two or three years ago this was considered as a legal play if the two players were next to each other. I will let the viewers decide for themselves.

    The second picture shows Laakso’s stick vertical, Chet being folded over and Rallo visually between the two Admirals. I still think Rallo ran Chet over.

    I guess Ref Joe Sullivan doesn’t need to answer to anyone including Lane. Good refs talk to people, the bad ones avoid it like the plague. It is good to know that Chet didn’t get a knee blown out.

  10. Bobb — I believe the penalty fell under the “abuse of officials” code.

    Chris — That’s a great question. I think in the past it had been a puck that they just took out of the bucket right before the start of the period. I saw the linesman give the puck back to the deliverer (who did a great job) yesterday. Don’t remember seeing that before.

    Adsfan — I think Chet is going to be okay….just a little sore from the whole thing.

    I think if the same play happened 10 times with 10 different refs, I think we’d see both calls about the same amount of times.

  11. the ads played a poor 3rd which resulted in the ot loss. never should have been in ot the way it was. Chet’s brain fart costed the team the second point, but he played great otherwise. I was pissed about the winning goal last nite but now looking at the picks i can see where that laakso was hooking, BUT i still feel the fans at least deserved some kind of explanation and there should be a review process with this kinda crap, the play was critical to the outcome, instead we get the refs hustling off the ice and fans tossing debris onto it.

  12. “Chris — That’s a great question. I think in the past it had been a puck that they just took out of the bucket right before the start of the period. I saw the linesman give the puck back to the deliverer (who did a great job) yesterday. Don’t remember seeing that before.”

    They always give the puck back tot he Sendik’s delivery person. That is officially not the official game puck. They did it with me last season too.

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