Preds Recall Dekanich, Ads Recall Pickard

Quick post to put the news out there….

Pekka Rinne is hurt again….Dexshow is on his way back to Nashville.

Haven’t been able to find details about Pekka’s injury, so I can’t speculate if this should be considered a temporary move, or if we should get used to Jeremy Smith and Chet Pickard as our netminders for awhile.

4 thoughts on “Preds Recall Dekanich, Ads Recall Pickard”

  1. Just saw the email from the Admirals about this. That really sucks for us. Well, now it’s time for Smith to show us what he’s got. Assuming Dex will be up in Nashville for a few days at least, the Ads have 6 games in 9 days starting tonight. Smith’s going to get his opportunity now….

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