Not -Macho-Admirals Lose To Griffins

Editors note:  Because Ryan was elsewhere….doing…other things….tonight’s recap is brought to you by our friend and gamenite twitter czar, Andrew “Sutty” Sutliff.   Brace yourself….

Riding high off the 6-goal performance on Wednesday night, the Ads faced a well-rested team Friday night at the BC, and the visitors took it to the home team.  5-2 was the final.

It started well, with the Admirals getting the first goal 4:06 into the game.  The puck was brought into the Admirals offensive zone where Gabriel Bourque corralled it and fed a lead pass to Mike Bartlett.  #20 got behind Filppula to put on a deek and went back hand past a sprawling Joey MacDonald.  Bartlett’s 3rd goal on the year and Bourque’s 5th assist.

So things were looking better than a shamrock shake at Christmas.  Then we found out our shake was just vanilla ice cream with green food coloring.

Brett Palin was sent to the bin for interference and it took the Griffins 25 seconds to make the game even. The puck was put on net causing a rebound to come out of the crease.  Starting goaltender Jeremy Smith slid forward in an attempt to gather the loose puck but two of his own guys (Mueller and Ford) were there to help him out.. Sort of… they ended up fighting each other, unable clear the puck.  It was then pushed to Brendan Smith on the far side of the ice. With J-Smith still out of the crease the B-Smith shot the puck, and the shot deflected to Tomas Tatar between the circles.   His shot was not denied.  It was a bad defensive sequence for all Admirals involved.

About half way through the 1st period, (Andrew) Lord skated on water towards the goal and found a sinner in Brandon Straub. Realizing the demons ran deep in Straub, Lord attempted to exorcise them with his fists.  Straub had answers for Lord’s fists of salvation and ended up taking Lord to the ground. The demons may have won this bout but Lord will be back and ready for the ultimate deliverance, that is if he isn’t betrayed by his own team first.

The Griffins were not moved by the sentiment and found their way on the score board for the second time in the period.  With control of the zone the Griffins were moving the puck quite well. Brendan Smith sent a puck to Tatar who was on the far side of the ice just below the circle. He quickly sent the puck to the slot and found a crashing Emmerton, who went stick side to light the lamp. Klasen had a great view of the goal for he was right behind Emmerton and the man responsible for him.

1:40 into the second period Tatar put what looked to be a harmless shot on net. The puck was deflected from the blue line and began a beautiful flight to the net. The players were so amazed in its beauty they actually stepped aside to admire the butterfly fluttering through the air. I swear I saw one the admirals hold out their hand with a finger extended in hopes that just maybe this beautiful object would land on his finger in something reminiscing a scene from a Nicholas Sparks novel. As the red light flashed the serenity of the ordeal came to a stop and the Admirals realized they now were down by 2 goals.

At around the six minute mark Aaron Johnson carved a path to the sin bin for a hooking infraction.  43 seconds later the Griffins were carving a path in front of their bench as they slap gloves celebrating the second power play goal of the night. Jamie Johnson was positioned fighting for the puck behind the net and was able to feed the puck to Ilari Filppula who was just inside the right circle. Filppula skated in tight to the post and went straight to the top shelf like a drunk at an open-bar wedding, stretching the Griffins lead to 4-1.  Jeremy Smith’s night was over as the Admirals called on the recently re-called Chet Pickard for the rest of the game.

The Admirals had a spark of life at 12:17 of the 2nd.  Brett Palin kept the puck in the o-zone, blasted a shot on net to which Chris Mueller stuck his club out knocked the puck down.  With the netminder in position for the shot it became an easy put away for Mueller.  The goal was Mueller’s 11th on the year and brought the Admirals within a pair of goals.

That folks was the end of the offense for the Ads on this night. The Griffins added an empty netter to make the final 5-2.

Items for discussion:

– Was it me or was Bourque the only player, well, PLAYING tonight? Every time he was on the ice he was hustling, finishing checks, and making plays happen.

–  So.  Chet Pickard.  He’s back.  How do you think he looked in relief of Smith? For that matter, what did you think of Smith’s outing? Choosing between very, and so very, how much did you miss Dex in net tonight?

– Do you like the sponsored last minutes of the 1st and 2nd period?  Buffalo Wild Wings with some love there.  Like it?  Love it?  Want some more of it?

– Speaking of your newest Nashville Predator, Mark Dekanich….he’s in Music City while Pekka Rinne recovers from an injury, and the time table that the Tennessean is reporting is 2-4 weeks.  Yowzah.

– What goalie do you want to see on the ice on Sunday? (need not be in organization nor need he/she be alive).  (Chuck Norris is disqualified….can’t go with him for this question)

– Anyone catch the Village People when they played after a game in the late 90’s?  How did tonight compare?

– Finally, Ryan…….you looked good.  As for how you sounded….let’s just say Matt Moore’s job isn’t in jeopardy!  Unless they ask me to do it….in that case, something has gone terribly wrong…  J/K….nice job tonight, Buddy.

11 thoughts on “Not -Macho-Admirals Lose To Griffins”

  1. Bourque was definitely the best player on the ice. Smith looked horrible… he was having problems getting back into position after making saves and was letting pucks bounce out all over the place. Ugh. Kind of hard to judge Chet since he only faced 6 shots but he looked much better then he did at the start of the season.

    Nashville should make a deal with Atlanta. Have Atlanta loan Drew MacIntyre to us… he’s not even warming the bench in Chicago, he’s warming the seats in the arena.

  2. God, that was awful. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who mailed in the third period like you did Sutty.

    Bourque was incredible tonight. I’m awfully glad to see him playing up to his potential.

    Chet didn’t look bad. Jeremy Smith however, looked downright terrible. Did he even come back to the bench after he got yanked? I know he went right to the dressing room. Probably to change his diaper.

    Any chance that I get for free food, I like it, I love it, and I’d like some more of it. Why not extend it to the first and last minute of a period. A free muffin at Perkins in the first minute and wings in the last. Lord (and all his teammates) know we could use some added motivation. If only the no-talent assclown PA guy can actually realize when there is a minute to go in the period (cough cough 3rd period was 5 seconds late)

    We may be hosed for 2-4 weeks.

    Manon Rheaume. Any chance I get to look at her is a good enough reason for me.

  3. Hey Creedfan….

    sorry to break up the long list of comments here, but I had to give you props for your comment on the wolfkeeper board. As much as I’d like to see Drew back, bringing back …the other part of that trade would be enough for me to call it off too. lol awesome.

  4. Terrible would be an understatement. Everyting was just awful tonight. The first 10 minutes of the game (minus the one goal) was probably some of the worst hockey I’ve ever seen (I believe we were being outshot 16-3 at that point).

    Can you refuse a powerplay? I think we’re the only team in the world that plays worse with a 1-man advantage! Personally, unless we get a penalty shot out of it, I think we should look the other way on penalties!

  5. Oh, I forgot! Did I miss something during the roadtrip? Didn’t we have a guy named Begin…or maybe it was Halischuk…or maybe both…Did they get called up/injured and I never saw it? Or are they still hitchiking back from Texas?

  6. Both are injured. Halischuk has left hand wrapped.

    Bourque definitely best. Lots of sloppy play but Blum was really awful. Linus is frustrating.

    I say give Chet a chance Sunday.

    Who stunk worse – Ads or Village People?? Too close to call…

  7. I thought Chet looked pretty solid. I’d give him the start Sunday. Giving up almost 20 shots in the first period is unacceptable, though the Admirals eventually caught up you’re just not gonna win that way. Village People was horrible sound wise. Gotta give it up for older guys still doing their thing but as a unemployed former sound/concert music person I wanted to go up and bitch slap thier sound guy. Keep forgetting to e-mail about my cookies from the last caption contest. I’m in town now!

  8. I thought the game was one of the worst I’ve seen. They looked asleep after the first goal.
    Smith looked bad, but the Defense did him no favors. They could have bailed him out a ton of times. Palin’s penalty late in the game was the nail in the coffin. The power play was so bad it goes beyond words. If they converted one and stopped one of the Griffins, this game could have been won. Lane needs to spend some quality time with the Power plays lines and fix this quickly.

    I though the PA did a solid job. He got the names right and had enthusiasm for a game that clearly did not deserve it.

    The concert sound was really bad. It mirrored the play on ice. Just plain bad.
    Yet you can not win them all, thus we’ll get them next time.
    Most importantly it wasn’t the hated Wolves.

    Sutty- Nice work on the recap. You and Ryan make an excellent writing team.

  9. And Jason Karnosky too — don’t forget about him! He’s actually got the professional writing gig! He knows what he’s doing!

    Shamrock shake, Sutty? That’s awesome.

    Halischuk was hurt on the trip. Begin hurt since their return. We’ll work on getting something more specific than “upper body injury”, but that’s what we have to go with for now.

    Smith certainly showed off his athleticism, but the same athleticism seemed to take himself out of position a little too much.

    Agreed on Bourque. I think the voters got it right giving him one of the stars of the game. Good on them.

    Don’t know how the goalie situation is going to sort itself out…Attention Mitch Korn, please report to Milwaukee as soon as possible!

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