Should The Preds Re-assign Colin Wilson?

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

This concept was brought up in the comments section of another post, but I think it would be worth an entire post.

A Preds blogger had mentioned that it might be good for the Preds to swap out Wilson and Nick Spaling for Steve Begin and Jamie Lundmark.

I’ve presented the scenerio to some of the folks over at, and I’ll cherry pick some of their thoughts throughout this post.

Colin Wilson has two goals and four assists on the season so far, playing in  20 games.  Obviously, expectations were higher for Wilson this year and one could look at that stat line and suggest that maybe he’s not ready yet.  Seth Lake offers this summation of Wilson’s season so far.

“My thought was (and still largely is) that Wilson has been the most displaced player on the roster this season due to the injuries that have plagued our lineup.  In the season opener he was on the wing with Lombardi at center and Erat on the wing.  Within two games both of his linemates were out of the lineup with injuries and Wilson started to get shuffled as the other lines simply moved up and he slid backward.  After Goc was injured, Wilson got switched to center where he was very inconsistent, then when Goc returned he was again moved back to wing until Legwand went down and he was yo-yo’d back and forth from shift to shift as Trotz tried to find some chemistry.”

In the last 12 games, Wilson has just one assist…November 3rd at Phoenix.

Now, last season, Wilson had two goals and two assists before a groin injury sidelined him after a Halloween game.  Less than a month later, Wilson was sent to Milwaukee on an extended conditioning assignment.  40 games later, Wilson was almost a point per game, and was starting to play with the confidence that you’d expect from such an elite prospect.  We watched the change right in front of us.  He had points in 11 of his last 12 games in Milwaukee, and knew it was only a matter of time before he’d be recalled.

Would it be beneficial for his development to spend some more time in Milwaukee, getting minutes on a top line?

Seth thinks so.

“It’s a long term development and asset management issue more than anything else for me right now.  I think Wilson’s not being as effective as he can be at the NHL level with limited minutes and not really having any consistency in his role from game to game and needs to get back to playing bigger minutes as a top-six forward to avoid stunting his development.

“Is it realistic to expect the Predators to make these moves?  Probably not, but to me…I don’t see a real reason not to right now.”

Chris Burton, from OTF has a similar take.

“I think that the idea of swapping these players out is a good one, but unrealistic. Spaling will be sent down eventually, when Lombardi returns, but I don’t think Wilson goes anywhere. Would it help his game to center Klasen and Thuresson, or whoever? Most likely. The Predators are struggling right now, and so is Wilson – but Trotz isn’t putting him in a position to succeed. Nine minutes a game is NOT giving him the best opportunity. Maybe he’s not showing Trotz what he needs to see, but its impossible to do so alongside Spaling and Kostitsyn. Wilson is very much a top six forward.  At any rate, I’d say there’s an outside possibility Wilson is demoted for Lundmark. Jamie would provide hustle and a “Swiss Army Knife” type ability, but in the end, nothing’s gonna happen.”

So Roundtable, what do you think?  Obviously, from the Admirals perspective, we could use any kind of offensive jump-start possible right now.  But from the Preds perspective, and from the perspective of Wilson’s long-term development, do you think this move would be beneficial or realistic?

6 thoughts on “Should The Preds Re-assign Colin Wilson?”

  1. Thanks for the story! I think it would benefit Wilson to be sent down for awhile and would certainly benifit us, but first I would like to see Trotz give him a couple more games with a different line. Maybe swap him with Smithson and put him with Joel Ward. He would benefit playing with someone who can score. Then if he still is struggling send him down for a bit.

  2. I’m not opposed to the flip flop. It might provide a spark for both teams. Give a few more people a shot up with the big club and send a message to the others.

  3. I agree that Wilson should be sent down. Granted the Ads won tonight, but with both teams playing poorly as late, SOMETHING needs to be shaken up. Wilson isn’t getting quality minutes in Nashville, so I’m sure his confidence is dwindling a little bit, might do him some good to tear it up in Milwaukee for awhile. Lord knows the Admirals could use some offensive firepower.

    But if you send Wilson down, you’d most certainly have to send somebody up. Lord knows Wade Bela(c)k isn’t ready for a job in the NHL, even at 3 minutes a game. Not so sure anyone with the Admirals is deserving of a promotion at the moment.

    Preds should send Kevin Klein back down as well…..better yet, outsource him to India. Dude freaking sucks.

  4. And why can’t Nashville see that about Klein??? He does totally suck and I always thought that when he was here too. He was a scratch last night but they claim he was sick. To this day whenever a player gets sent down and has an attitude or sucks we call it Klein-itis.

  5. Colin Wilson is a solid kid but he is not massive, but he skates like Yonkman. The worst part is the X factor, lack of desire (insert Pat Verbeek), definatly not a terrier, ha ,ha,ha maybe its rich boy thing. Does not charge the net, I think he is big fat blank , just waiting to get blank

  6. The part I question is this: “Wilson is very much a top six forward.”

    Is he?

    I had a discussion the other day of now that it’s been a couple of years have you changed your mind about trading Wilson for Kessel? I have to say I lean toward yes. Having Kessel on this team instead of Wilson would be helping a lot of what ails us right now. Our PP would be much better with a real goal scorer on it. And the thing that separates the two for me is that if Kessel was the one getting 9 minutes on the 4th line, Kessel would still be the obvious best player on the ice in those 9 minutes and it wouldn’t matter who his linemates were because Kessel is very much a top six forward. Wilson, on the other hand, completely disappears in that situation. Wilson reminds me of Legwand 2.0 in that he only plays to the level of his linemates. Put him next to a gifted offensive star and Legwand will put up good numbers. Put him next to Ward and Smithson and you’ll be lucky to hit double digit goals. Wilson seems the same way.

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