Not-So-Special-Teams On Display In Admirals Loss

The last time the Admirals played in Milwaukee, it was a feel-good 4-1 drubbing of the Chicago Wolves.  The Ads scored twice on the power-play, and outside of the Blake Geoffrion hit that has knocked him out of action, it was a great send off for the team as they embarked on this 10-game road trip.

The Admirals have not scored on the power play since.  That’s zero  for 24 with the man-advantage in seven games on this road trip.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night, the Oklahoma City Barons scored three power play goals of their own, en route to a 4-1 victory over the Admirals.

The first goal came after a 5×3 power play expired, with Kelsey Wilson still in the box serving a hooking penalty.  Credit to the PK unit for killing off the 5×3, especially since one of the Admirals skaters was playing without a stick.  That unit was out there a long time with the Admirals unable to clear the zone.  And while Mark Dekanich made a spectacular save on Linus Omark’s first shot, Omark was able to score on the follow-up.

Colin McDonald deflected a Taylor Chorney pass in the 2nd period for a power play goal while Linus Klasen served a high-sticking penalty that was called behind the play.

Liam Reddox scored an even strength breakaway goal for the Barons after Mark Santorelli giftwrapped it for him in the neutral zone.  Made it a 3-0 lead 54 seconds into the 3rd period.  A backbreaker.

Linus Omark scored his second power play marker of the game later in the 3rd period just after another 5×3 power play finished up.  Mark Santorelli had just come back on the ice when Omark’s backhand shot lifted the puck over Dex’s pads.

Chris Mueller answered back, finishing a 2-on-1 rush with his 7th goal of the year 50 seconds later.   Santorelli got his first assist of the year on the goal.

Memo to the rest of the team — whatever Chris Mueller is eating for breakfast on this roadtrip, make it your business to do the same.  Whatever music he’s listening to to get ready for the game, make it your business to learn the words.  Outside of Mark Dekanich, Chris Mueller has been the MVP of this road trip.



– Linus Klasen was able to play after leaving Sunday evening’s game.  Blake Geoffrion is still out.

– Dan Gendur did not make his Admiral debut.

– Seven games into the ten game road trip, the Admirals have outshot their opponent just once — the 4-0 win over Lake Erie.

– In these two games against OKC, the Admirals gave up 5 power play goals on 12 chances.


Hopefully you aren’t hitting the panic button just yet…..but in light of this southern swing, what are you concerned about the most with the way this team is playing?

6 thoughts on “Not-So-Special-Teams On Display In Admirals Loss”

  1. Special teams are riding the short bus to Austin. Milwaukee really puts the “special” in special teams.

    Too many stupid penalties. When we are down a man already, why does Wilson take a hooking call? I’ve been really unimpressed with his pisspoor play. Maybe he needs to start hooking up with the Bucks cheerleader again.

    Not hitting the panic button just yet, but this whole organization needs a kick in the damn pants.

    Granted we’ve faced some hot teams (San Antonio and OKC are now first and second in the division) and Deslauriers has some good NHL time behind him…but we gotta figure something out. I like Mueller, and think he’s a strong player…but he shouldn’t have to be one of our leading scorers.

    Dex has been phenomenal, our D corp has been strong, we just need to push the puck up the ice better, start getting quality shots on net, and hopefully a little puck luck will come our way.

  2. Hopefully this 2 day break will help them relax a bit and rest their legs. On the radio broadcast there were several mentions of the Ads getting out skated and their lack of speed.

    Time for a shake up on the power play.

  3. Love the memo! I agree Mueller shouldn’t have to be one of our leading scorers but glad he is. He’s had alot of quality shots, not enough of those from rest of team.

    As somebody else mentioned Thuresson seems to have disappeared. I also am unimpressed with Wilson. He did have a pretty good fight last night though. But he only has 4 points and is a -5.

    Aside from Mueller and a couple of other guys the team seems to quit after they are down a couple of goals. They need to control the puck more and like ManintheBox said get more quality shots. Josi seems to be the only one not afraid to shoot the puck. Think he’s had 5 or 6 shots in each of the last 3 or 4 games. Some lucky bounces like OC got in Sunday’s game would help too.

    Don’t know how to improve the special teams. Nashville doesn’t either. Hopefully this weekend they will turn it around and at least leave with 3 points. Still too early to panic.

    Nashville bloggers were tweeting that they would like to take Begin and Lundmark and send down Spaling and Colin Wilson. Anyone else like that idea?

  4. in response to the two for two swap of Begin?lundmark for spaling/colin wilson im for it, colin can score and spaling needs a little fine tuning before going full time nashville anyways. not hitting panic yet more like hitting the frustrated button. it is rather annoying the way the ads seem to turn the puck over in their on zone which leads to quality shots for opponents perhaps exiting and passing the puck after the blueline would help reduce these turnovers also Ian herbers needs to figure out these special teams follies both the pk and pp are rancid, sure miss those shots from the point from franson and sulzer that usually got tipped in by the grinders like jones, hopefully they can finish strong and come home and straighten things out.

  5. The idea that Nashville would send down Wilson is impossible. He is just getting into his stride. I’d love to have him here, yet he earned his call up last year. Lundmark is good, but the future is Wilson. Unless he is hurt, Nashville would be foolish to send him down. The thing we are missing is a tough defensive forward, AKA Ben Guite. His veteran leadership and defense would have made a big difference for this team.

  6. I don’t think they would send Wilson down but wouldn’t say it’s impossible. They have bumped him down to the 4th line and he’s only getting 8 minutes or so of playing time. If Trotz felt it would benifit Wilson I could see him sending him down for awhile if he doesn’t have to clear waivers. I think he’s safe as long as Legwand and Lombardi are out. Sounds like Lombardi not near coming back.

    Also miss Franson and Sulzer’s shots. Hopefully Josi and Blum will start getting some goals.

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