This and That

This post is going to be link-tastic!

– Aaron Sims shares an anecdote about what life is like travelling in the AHL.  There were some bumps in the road last week as the Admirals were travelling from Grand Rapids to Cleveland.  It’s a great story.  And as a wise girl once said, “there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza.”

– Chet Pickard got his first win in….. awhile…. earlier this week.  I think that giving an interview to Josh Cooper of the Tennessean was what sparked it.  It’s a very good read, and it finds Chet reflecting a lot on what the last 9 months have been like.  You can also download an mp3 of a radio interview that goaltending coach Mitch Korn gave, and he addresses Chet’s growth a bit.

– So the Admirals are going to play 1st place San Antonio on Friday.  (wait…is that right?  Let me check my notes here….yep….1ST PLACE SAN ANTONIO).   They have the most points in the whole league right now….partly credited to the fact that they’ve played more games than almost every other team, but partly credited to the fact that they are winning.  They’ve got a six game winning streak already this season, and are currently riding a five game winning streak.  Pretty nice.  They’ve also played 12 of their 18 games at home, winning 9 of those games.  Also doesn’t hurt that their #1 goalie has a GAA under 2.

Former Admirals?  Yeah, some.  Nolan Yonkman is probably the first one that comes to mind, but he just recently got called up to the ‘Yotes.  Here is an article with some quotes from our ex-captain.  So he might not be around on Friday.  But Jed Ortmeyer should be.  As should Bracken Kearns, and Matt Beaudoin — who incidentally is their leading scorer right now.  And Admirals nemesis Tim Stapleton is holding his own down there too.

– I think Bruce Bochy was robbed.

–  Anyone notice who is leading the Predators in points so far this season?

– And finally, Hockey’s Future ranks the Predators as having the best organization in terms of prospects.  Check out their most recent writeup, and I’d be interested to know where you think they have missed the mark.

2 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Glad to see Cal O’Reilly doing well especially with all the talk in preseason that he might not even make the team. And his points aren’t all assists. Franson up there too and he gets less playing time. Just hope Colin Wilson can start getting some points next. HORRIBLE game last night.

  2. I flew down to Nashville last week to see their game against Chicago. Cal looked great out there & I was so glad to watch him get the game winner in the shoot out!

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