Chet Pickard Discards Monkey

Chet Pickard is now on a winning streak of one game.

Ok, maybe that’s not a streak.  But it’s a win, and that’s awesome.

Chet was in net this afternoon for the Cyclones as they visted the Toledo Walleye, and made 31 saves on 32 shots, as the Cyclones held on to win 2-1.

I say “held on” because they were outshot 17-4 in the 3rd period.  But Chet stopped them all.

So please join me in congratulating Chet on removing that ugly-ass monkey from his back.

10 thoughts on “Chet Pickard Discards Monkey”

  1. Way to go Chet! What a rough stretch and congrats for fighting through it. Now keep going and get your a** back to Milwaukee soon!

  2. Interesting… not related to Chet but on the radio show just now Lane Lambert said that he got two games this week (I think he said today and tomorrow) switched on the schedule, that we were supposed to play Toronto one day and somewhere else the next day… that would have been super brutal to tack on two more games to this road trip.

    I didn’t know the team had the opportunity to question the schedule?

  3. I just checked the games this week. Toronto plays another team tomorrow. The Admirals aren’t listed until Friday and aren’t included under the re-scheduled games.

  4. The league puts a schedule together based on each team’s available dates. It then sends a draft to all teams. Teams can work something out between themselves for something mutually more advantageous. Peoria may want a weekend game at home and we want out of a dozen game trip, for example. Those amendments are returned to the league and approved.

  5. “ugly-ass monkey from his back”- are you sure it was an “ass monkey”? Never heard of one. If they do exist, are you sure there are any “cute” ass monkeys?

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