Dekanich Earns Second Straight Shutout, Admirals Slay Monsters

Back at the end of September, Mark Dekanich was reassigned to the Milwaukee Admirals.  And he offered us this tweet:

“Disappointed on my way back to MKE. Will dominate there and be back soon.”

Very prophetic, that Dexshow.

Dex recorded his second straight shutout Friday night, as the Admirals defeated the Cleveland Lake Erie Monsters 4-0.  He made 21 saves, and his scoreless streak is up to 172:34 minutes.

Not to take anything away from Dekanich’s game, but the defense did its thing too.  Just four shots got through to Dekanich in each of the final two periods, even with two penalties to kill in the 3rd.

Chris Mueller opened the scoring with about 5 and a half minutes left in the first period while Mark Santorelli was serving a holding penalty.  He gained control of the puck, went around a Monster defender, and beat Jason Bacashihua through the five-hole.

Mueller (getting some ice time at center), also assisted on the Ads second goal.  He won an offensive zone faceoff back to Aaron Johnson who just put the puck on net.  And into the net.  Goalie was screened and the puck found its way behind him.

And check this out:  I’m going to say something nice about Aaron Johnson, and it’s not a backhanded compliment or anything like that.  He is not afraid to shoot the puck.  While the home crowds get restless sometimes when the defensemen just pass the puck back and forth across the point, waiting for an open shot, Johnson doesn’t seem to be as picky as the others.  And it creates chances for himself and everyone else.  He’s third on the team in shots on goal, behind Klasen and Thuresson.

Ok, back to the game.  Great way to avoid a 3rd period collapse?  Get Matt Halischuk to score 2 minutes into the period.  Well, it’s not that easy.  Get Jamie Lundmark to shoot on net, Bacashihua to kick a save to Halischuk, and then get Halischuk to score 2 minutes into the period.

And then Mueller got his 2nd goal of the game, scoring into an empty net.  That’s not a metaphor for scoring on a bad goalie.  No really, they pulled the goalie down 3-0.

The last time the Admirals won with shutouts in back-to-back games was October 26th and 27th in 2007.  First game was a 2-0 win over the Quad City Flames, with Maxime Daigneault making all 27 saves.  Cal O’Reilly and Mike Santorelli scored in the last 10 minutes to give the Admirals the win.  And then the next night back in Milwaukee, the Pekka Rinne closed the door on the Chicago Wolves, with the only goal of the game courtesy of Matt Ellison in overtime.

Chet Pickard watch — Cincy won 2-0 on Friday night.  Chet dressed as the backup.

Programming note — the Lake Erie rematch tomorrow is another matinee.  Faceoff is scheduled for noon.


Just one question.  If Dekanich gets the start tomorrow, that’d be his third game in four days.  Should the team ride the hot goalie Saturday afternoon, or give Jeremy Smith his first start as an Admiral?

10 thoughts on “Dekanich Earns Second Straight Shutout, Admirals Slay Monsters”

  1. I’d love to go with Dex again tomorrow and see how long this streak could go…..but with the way the D played so well tonight, and having Smith be able to watch them for a full game, why not go with Smith?

    No sense in burning Dex out this early in the season. Yeah, if he wants to make the next move he needs to stay consistent, but with all the travel they’ve done, and will do….might as well get Smith tested at some point.

  2. I’d love to see Smith get a start, but you can’t pull out Dex just yet. He hasn’t given up a gaol in 8 periods (and 5 mins of OT if you want to count that). Anyways, let him play until something gets through him.

    My question is, with how hot he’s been, any chance Nashville swaps him and Lindback??? Granted Lindback played well in Rinne’s absence, but maybe some type of rotation to keep both of them fresh could be beneficial.

  3. Normally I’d easily say play Dex. It’s not like he was overworked in the game tonight… 8 total shots in the last two periods. He won’t get overworked. We’ll eventually need to give him a rest, but right now he should be good to go.

    With that said, the game tomorrow is at noon. That’s a short turnaround for a goalie to play back to back games. I’d almost say play Smith on Saturday and put Dex back in for the next game.

  4. I agree that it’s a short turnaround so I’d go with Smith. Only playing one game so far I think he needs to get in there soon.

    Dex was helped out ALOT by the defense last night. Mueller and Josi each bailed him out on shots that probably would have went in. He seemed to struggle at times falling over more than once. Once he ended up rolling on his back and ended up behind the net. Luckily the defense kept them from scoring then too.

    Aaron Johnson has looked better and was the 3rd star. Really liking Mueller as a center. He has created a lot of chances the last 2 games, and obviously capitalizing on them.

  5. Great game! I thought we looked strong at both ends of the ice.. Mueller, Bourque and Santerelli were the best line. Solid in the defensive end, physical and produced some offense.

  6. This would seem to be the perfect spot, for the spot start by Smith. Get him envolved, or packed, and back to Cincy. At some point we’re going to need a backup. This team is starting to look like a contender.

  7. The next three-in-three is next weekend. And it’s actually a four-games in five days stretch too.

    I agree – with the early game today, and the opponent today (last place in their division), this might be a good time to get Jeremy some work before the trip shifts to the south next weekend, and we’ll definitely need a second goaltender.

  8. FYI…Milwaukee’s record for shutout minutes as a team is 193 set Feb. 2001 (last in IHL). Individual record is 183:47 held by Chris Mason (same stretch Feb. 2001). Dekanich is at 172:24 entering today and team is at 172:34.
    The last back-to-back shutouts happened Oct. 26, 2007 (Maxime Daigneault, 2-0 at Quad City) and Oct. 27, 2007 (Pekka Rinne, 1-0 OT vs. Chicago).
    The last individual to turn the trick of back-to-backs was Brian Finley Nov. 26, 2005 (4-0 @ San Antonio) and Nov. 27 (3-0 at Houston).

  9. Smith deserve a shot of playing. If you guys want Chet back we will take back Smith. The Cyclones are afflicate with Rochester too. We have a goalie from Rochester.

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