Admirals Set to Become Road Warriors

And so it begins, the 10-game marathon road trip for the Milwaukee Admirals.

Today the team got on the bus and left for a franchise-tying travel adventure, visiting six different AHL cities along the way–Grand Rapids, Cleveland, San Antonio, Austin, Oklahoma City, Austin (again), Houston and San Antonio (part deux).

(Here is a google map of the trip just in case you wanted to follow Milwaukee on its cross country trek)

For coach Lane Lambert, the roadie presents an opportunity to find out a lot about his young squad.

“Though we’ve played six games already on the road, there will be some things that we will learn on this 10-game trip,” Lambert said. “We should get a good assessment (of our club).”

By the time Milwaukee leaves San Antonio on Sunday, November 28, the Admirals will have played 22 games so far this season or over a fourth of its 80-game total.  Lambert expects Milwaukee to have its main team concepts polished up by the end of the trek.

“This is the time when we really need to solidify the systems in our game,” Lambert said.

Milwaukee currently stands in fourth place in the West Division with 15 points.  Sitting in that position or better on December 1st will go a long way for the Admirals in 2010-2011, as in each month going forward Milwaukee plays more home games than road games.

Bonus:  Some Fun Stats for the Trip and Beyond

1) If the Admirals cover the entire trip by bus they will have logged nearly 5,000 miles, or spent nearly three and half days just traveling.

2) Using an estimate of gas at $3 a gallon and traveling in a bus that gets 10 miles per gallon, Milwaukee will have spent $1,441.80 on fuel for the trip.

3) Using the best routes by bus, the Admirals will spend time traveling in eight different states:  Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas (the team will miss a ninth, Kansas, by just a few miles).

4) Strangely, Milwaukee travels on no road trips longer than three consecutive games after November’s 10-game southern quest.  In fact, this trip is only one all season longer than three games.

5) If you think Lambert is joking about assessing his club, check out my season preview.

3 thoughts on “Admirals Set to Become Road Warriors”

  1. If they play strong like they did on Sunday, they will be in a good position to do some great things this year.

    With the recent slide by Nashville, I wonder how long it will be before they start making some moves to shore up their team. Will they call up Teemu?

    I sure hope this month goes quick, I already miss them.

  2. Ryan,
    I appreciate and sincerely thank you for apologizing for those nasty blog comments about my daughter’s Nat’l Anthem performance. She was very harsh on herself immediately after she performed and that only added to her feeling terrible( after reading those blogs on your site ). Chelsea is an extremely bright and strong young lady and I hope she will give it a try again. Thank you for standing up and admitting fault . With alittle prompting I know she’ll dust herself off and try again. She is a huge Ads fan and this was always her dream to play the Anthem at an Ads game. I always tell her she can achieve anything with hard work and determination.

  3. Sorry she had to see that, Ads Fan…people can be cruel (especially when most of them couldn’t get out on the ice and do it any better-myself included)!

    Anywho, best of luck to the boys on their roadtrip, looking forward to hearing them play in Oklahoma City… Does having the name “Linus” automatically make you a great hockey player??? Hopefully Linus Omark isn’t scoring 5 goals on us!

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