Ads fall 3-2 to IceHogs in shootout

The Admirals quest for the third goal remains after falling 3-2 in a shootout to Rockford Wednesday night.  Milwaukee led the game 2-0 entering the third period and had outplayed the IceHogs through the first two periods, but a lazy penalty would lead to a goal, and a late IceHog goal forced overtime.  With momentum, the IceHogs had the better chances in overtime but didn’t capitalize.  But in the shootout Rockford scored on four of five chances and won the game.

The beginning of the end started with a Grant Lewis holding penalty in the third; on the ensuing power play Rockford held the puck in the zone and Kyle Beach took advantage of a loose rebound.  Ivan Vishnevskiy took a slap shot from the point that rebounded off of Mark Dekanich to forward Ben Smith.  He only got a piece of the puck, but Beach was able to bury it.

Here’s coach Lambert on the turning point…..

After icing the puck with less than 1:30 left in the third, Milwaukee called timeout to rest the players and discuss the following sequence.  What happened next was not the outcome they were looking for.   Rockford won the draw clean, and Ivan Vishnevsky made a pass to the side boards.   Ben Smith then passed through two Admirals (Begin and Palin) to the backdoor and Jeffe Taffe tapped in the game tying goal with 1:09 left in the third.

Lambert’s take on the faceoff and goal…..

In overtime the Ads looked stunned; Milwaukee turnovers lead to a couple of Rockford chances but Dekanich stood tall. However, the shootout wouldn’t go as well…

Rockford scored on four of five chances with Taffe notching the winning goal in a shooter friendly shootout.  Milwaukee scored on three of their chances but still fell short.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom for Milwaukee, Jamie Lundmark notched the first tally at 13:32 of the first taking advantage of a Teemu Laakso shot that went just wide of the net.  It appeared that Toivonen and the Rockford defense hesitated and Lundmark had a wide open net.  It was Lundmark’s third goal of the season, both Laakso and Roman Josi assisted on the goal.

Aaron Johnson scored his first goal of the season snapping a rebound past Toivonen giving the Admirals a 2-0 lead.  Linus Klasen started the play moving from inside the blue line to the top of circle were he found Andreas Thurresson.  Thurresson got a shot that Toivonen misplayed and the puck bounced to the slot and sat waiting for somebody to shoot.

Dekanich finished the game with 25 saves and Toivonen stopped 24 shots.  The Ads play their second of only three November home games Friday against Peoria.

Talking Points…..

What did you think of Hugh Jessiman in a Rockford uniform?

Coach Lambert left the post-game presser with “you can edit that out” after recapping tonights game.  How disappointing was it to only get one point out of tonight’s game? (“you can edit that out” was PG-13 language)

9 thoughts on “Ads fall 3-2 to IceHogs in shootout”

  1. I don’t think Lane should be the one falling on the sword with regards to that game-tying goal. It’s about execution. And the two guys defending down low on that play are people that we have higher expectations for.

    Dekanich can’t be allowing 4 goals in shootouts. Played a great game otherwise.

    Hopefully Bourque can replicate the move he made on the shootout….just adjusting it slightly to put the puck in the net. The goalie bit hard on that move.

    Jessiman still has….”The Hughie Move”. Helped draw a penalty in the 3rd period.

    I thought Josi looked pretty good out there.

    Van Mueller. That was pretty silly. Or maybe we’ve stumbled on to a new running joke…

    Did Geoffrion hit anybody all game? Did I blink?

  2. Jon Blum missed the first game of his pro career. Word is that it’s a lower body injury, and not expected to be serious. We’ll see if he’s back out there on Friday.

  3. I thought Flynn had some good hard-working shifts.

    Does Lane not like to call out the Vets on the team? He failed to call out Aaron Johnson for bad penalties in one of the first games we lost, but he called out some of the younger guys in that same game. Here he won’t call out the vets as Ryan said, rather he takes the blame.

    Pickard lost again in Cincy…

  4. What about mentioning the fact that Rockford seemed to control the puck the entire 3rd Pd, and the Ads had maybe 2-3 scoring chances all period? They have always seemed to lay back and “try” to hold the lead in the 3rd rather than keep pushing as long as Lane’s been here. Coincidence?

    And Blake who? Even when he had a pass right to the tape of his stick, he couldn’t handle it and fumbled around until Rockford knocked him off the puck.

  5. A few years back I was all for the shootout and thought it was a good idea. I’m beginning to lose faith in the concept. It is exciting and seems to be a fan favorite but I would like to see something else. I know the NHL was experimenting with a few things this offseason at their camp. Hopefully something will come of it.

    As for the Admirals, I thought the game was ok. I think we are still trying to define an identity for this team. Early in the season it looked like we were going to be the speedy/fast paced offensive team but after these handful of games I’m not quite sure.

    I didn’t hear the post game press conference besides what was put in the blog. I do agree with you Ryan about Lane not being the one that should be taking the blame on that goal. I also missed the whole Van Mueller thing? What is that referring to? I’d hate to miss out on the beginnings of a running joke.

  6. The Van Mueller thing refers to one of the little promotion things the Ads do between faceoffs. They were doing the “Who’s face is on the copier” contest and two of the three options to guess from were Chris Mueller and Mark Van Guilder (the third, and correct answer was Thurreson). The guy guessed Van Mueller. :)

  7. Rockford made the most of their chances. Only quick thinking by Palin prevented a chip-in near the post. Rockford outplayed the Ads in the third period. The ice looked tilted to the north.

  8. It was very sad to see Jessiman in a jersey that didn’t have a skeleton on it. As for the shootout, that was pathetic. If Lane was smart, he would take Smith and spend all practice having players practice the shootout against him. That way when games go to a shootout, Lane can pull Dekanich and put in Smith much like Houston did with their goalies against Milwaukee a few years ago. It would be hockey’s form of a reliever. The other option would be to put a cardboard cutout of Dekanich in goal for shootout which also may be more effective than Dekanich himself.

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