3 thoughts on “Klasen Returned”

  1. You could always ask him about his time in Detroit while you are at it. I didn’t know Klasen was cup of coffee in Swedish

  2. I was disappointed attending practice this morning to not see Klasen there, but with Goc and Tootoo back in the lineup, it wouldn’t have been ideal to keep him here and not play.

    As for his limited minutes vs. Detroit, I think it mainly had to do with missing training camp and not being familiar to the coaching staff. When the team fell behind Trotz went to the guys he knew knew the systems and it worked as the Preds started dominating even strength play in the second. When the penalties occured late though, things fell apart and Klasen got a few more shifts in the third when the team was just rolling lines.

    Honestly, I think Klasen was the wrong callup for the situation, but I think the team too was stuck in a spot where they needed to call him up after winning POTW and leading the league in goals. Now he’s gotten a taste of the NHL and you hope he learned from it and attacks the AHL again knowing what it takes to play in the NHL and better prepares him for his next opportunity.

    I think realistically this year is a “prove it” year for Klasen and he’s really playing for his next contract. He’s a UFA at the end of the year and if he keeps up this pace, maybe the Preds fit him into their lineup for next season, maybe he decides to go elsewhere to get a shot, or maybe he decides to return to Sweden at the end of the year. Whatever happens, I think Klasen will stay motivated throughout the year wanting to earn his next contract…

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