Klasen Recalled. Confirmed.

Hat tip to Chris Jerina, for pointing me in the direction of this post on the HFboards this morning…

A Swedish hockey publication is reporting that Linus Klasen has been recalled by the Predators.

I don’t speak Swedish….but Google does.  It goes a little something like this (thanks to OpenWheel on the HFboards for doing the dirty work)

Klasen get the chance in the NHL – is called up

After seven goals and three assists in his first seven games in the league are former farms Södertälje Forwarder Linus Klasen gained a great start to his career in North America. Klasen has made the most goals of all players in the AHL and he is eight points in the league. And now, a well-deserved chance in the NHL.

Named in the night

According to Linus Klasen HockeyExpressen.se has overnight been named to the Nashville Predators. There he becomes teammate of Swedish duo Anders Lindbäck and Patric Hörnqvist.

Injuries open

Nashville currently has both Marcel Goc and Matthew Lombardi on the injury list of forwards and zero based on hemmais when St. Louis Blues won 3-0 on Friday night.

I’m working to get confirmation from the team…but if this is true, he’ll certainly be missed in Abbotsford this weekend.  But at the same time, it’ll give other guys the chance to step up and be the man.  (that’s as good a positive spin I can muster right now.)

I can’t imagine that this would be a long term call-up with all the injuries the Preds are working through… But I’ll be interested to see what line Trotz skates Klasen on.  Most callups don’t get top 6 minutes…and what top six winger would be sent to a lower line to accomodate him?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 10:09 AM….. STILL UNCONFIRMED.  Been in contact with the team, and it seems this is news to them as well.  I believe them.  The Swedish story could be very premature.  We’ll see.

UPDATE 11:24 — Confirmed with the team.  Klasen has been recalled.

3 thoughts on “Klasen Recalled. Confirmed.”

  1. Was he already in Abbotsford? Did he travel to Canada and now has to travel to Nashville? That’s a lot of flying.

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