Caption Contest!

The rumors are true!  The World Famous Short Shifts Admirals Roundtable Caption Contest is back!

For those that are new to our reindeer games, here’s how it works:

– We provide you a picture
– You write a funny caption (keep it clean, please)
– We pick a winner
– If local, winner gets media room cookies at a future home game.

Feel free to submit as many captions as you like!  We’ll pick a winner by faceoff on Friday night.

So here is the first photo, courtesy of photographer Scott Paulus.  Lots of material to work with in this one….Matt Halischuk, Jaime Sifers, Drew MacIntyre, intense guy and texty girls….

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Caption Contest!”

    Girls: lol,k.
    Intense guy: Dude, it’s basically just Short Shifts with a new name. Ryan Miller is the Brett Favre of Milwaukee sports journalism.

  2. Chubster Girl: “Are you texting about the game?”
    Texter Girl: “No, Brett Farve just sent me a picture of ‘lil Farve’.
    Intense Guy: “Whoaaaa, small Viking and big Admiral hit!”
    Leaning Guy: “I’m cool cause my hats on backwards…”

  3. Intense Guy: “Ahhhh look at those jerseys?!?”


    This could be an ad for Aurora Sports Medicine Institute
    “If the opposition is breaking your legs, come see the experts at Aurora Sports Medicine Institute!”

  4. Shocking results from this weeks “Dancing with the Stars”. After a perfect waltz the night before, Matt Halischuk and Jaime Sifers stumbled horribly during their cha-cha in a hockey themed race for the puck. Judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli were visibly shocked by the performance. Audience members were pleased with Halischuk’s choice of pink, but were visibly put off by their dancing efforts and were too busy texting. Drew MacIntyre could not be reached for comment.

  5. Where in the world is drew macIntyre? Texting girl – i found him i gotta get a picture and send in to collect my prize

  6. MacIntyre: “I hope that lady texting is starting up a #PasqualeIsSoPoor meme on twitter.”


    Shrieking guy: “I can’t believe Halischuck has a full set of teeth!”

  7. Everyone in the crowd and on the ice reacts to hearing the news that Drew MacIntyre makes half a million bucks as a glorified doorman.

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