Linus Klasen Earns Some Hardware

A well deserved honor — and probably not the last award he’ll win this year.

Klasen has been named the Reebok AHL Player Of The Week.  He even gets this nice write-up on the AHL’s homepage.

Tough to argue with the stats — he’s only leading the league in scoring, and he recorded a goal and an assist in each of the three games this weekend.

Don’t know how long he is for this league, but we’ll definitely enjoy it while it lasts.

4 thoughts on “Linus Klasen Earns Some Hardware”

  1. Question for the Roundtable… this is Klasen’s first year in North America right? Is he not considered a rookie? The AHL site does not list him as a rookie. Is that because of his games in the Sweedish Elite League? How is Klasen affected by the waiver rules?

  2. Klasen is waiver exempt this season due to this being his first North American pro contract. Essentially, he’s playing on a one-year entry level deal.

    I’d love to see Klasen get a shot, but it has to be on a scoring line and despite our injuries, there just isn’t a spot currently available. I do believe though that once he comes up, he has a good chance to stick, so I’m hoping he continues tearing up the AHL and working on adding as much detail to his game as possible, so that when he does get the call, he’s ready to impress.

    Question: Klasen has 7 goals. But the majority have come on the PP and one on a penalty shot. How effective is he at even strength creating offense? Does he simply excel with the extra space on the ice or is he a consistent threat to create offense?

  3. I checked with the team, and since Klasen played over 100 games after age 20 in a European Elite League, he loses his rookie status over here. Linus turned 20 in 2006.

    As to SLake’s question….in 5×5 play he certainly doesn’t have as much time to be creative. But he’s still done a pretty good job at even strength. While he absolutely EXCELS on the power play, he has created some good chances 5×5 too that just haven’t turned into a heap of goals. Yet. Great chemistry with Thuresson so far. Hopefully Geoffrion can take advantage of the opportunity that he’s been given…playing with those two guys.

  4. Hopefully a couple years from now when linus is playing for the Wolves,( making Krog money) he’ll remember his humble beginning as an Admiral. I really don’t expect him to go anywhere, short of a rash of injuries in Nashville.

    The Preds really look like they have got it going on. Of course Radalov had not as many goals in about the same amount of games, and was sent up. The day before camera day. I don’t think he has the Radalov stare yet. He’s ours until at least the middle of January.

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