Admirals Collapse In 3rd, Lose In OT

I’ve had about enough of Aaron Johnson.

I can’t get enough of Linus Klasen.

Unfortunately, they don’t cancel each other out.

The Admirals blew a two goal 3rd period lead, eventually losing in overtime to the Chicago Wolves 3-2 on Friday night.  Nuts and bolts are here.

The discipline of this team was tested by the Wolves, and the Admirals failed that test.  I’d like to say that it’s due to the youth of the team, but it’s not the young guys who are losing their heads.

Aaron Johnson (27 years old, 225 NHL games, alternate captain) got knocked down in front of his net in the 3rd period, and his head was not clear the rest of the game.  He took a STUPID interference penalty with just under 2 minutes left in regulation that COULD have handed the game to Chicago.  Fortunately, the PK was up to the task (major props to Mark Van Guilder), and the Admirals were able to get off the ice with a point in the standings.

Here’s coach Lambert on discipline.

I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t cite Johnson as an example when talking about discipline.

It’s awful that we have to talk about discipline, because I’d rather be writing about how Linus Klasen is not long for this league.  He scored on a penalty shot, on the power play, and almost had a 3rd goal on a play where it looked like Wolves netminder Edward Pasquale may have brought the puck back out from over the line.  But referee Lemelin was right there and made the call a good save, and there wasn’t much arguing from anybody afterwards.  Here’s coach Lambert talking about Klasen’s North American learning curve.

I’d also rather be writing about how Chet Pickard was able to snap his streak of losses — he had lost 10 straight decisions coming into tonight, and now 11 straight.  Through 40 minutes, he looked very solid.  The first Chicago goal came early in the 3rd period on the power play, and was a nice play by Jason Krog, a nice finish from Andre Deveaux, and poor play from Johnson to lose sight of the puck and let Deveaux get a whack at it.

The 2nd Wolves goal was ALL on Pickard.  Patrick Rissmiller had a shot from the top of the near faceoff circle that just flat out beat Chet.  Maybe Palin was screening him a bit or maybe a small deflection, but the action was so far away from the goal that I’m reluctant to give him that excuse.   Stoppable shot.  Chet agrees.

The one in overtime I think was stoppable too.  Spencer Machacek had a pass from the far boards right at the goal line and found defenseman Jamie Sifers pinching down to the near goal line.  The pass was a mile long, and Sifer’s shot still beat Chet to the near side post.


Here’s how the lines started:

Wilson – Geoffrion – Halischuk
Thuresson – Spaling – Klasen
Bourque – Van Guilder – Santorelli
Thang – Bartlett – Mueller

– Klasen’s penalty shot.  I’m a little surprised they called it.  He had a breakaway, and Arturs Kulda caught up just before Klasen got the shot on goal.  He one-handedly waved his stick at Klasen and made contact.  And that “slash” gave them the penalty shot.  I’ve seen more contact on a play like that go uncalled.  But the ref pointed to center ice right away.  Klasen’s attempt was in slow motion, and he almost stopped his forward motion.  But the last deke opened up the net, and he was able to beat Pasquale.  He also did a little hot-dogging cupping his glove around his ear, asking the crowd to get louder.  I thought that was going to be an invitation to get his face washed by someone in a red uniform.  (photo credit: Scott Paulus)

– Mark Santorelli made his season debut, and looked okay.  He took an interference penalty with 5:36 left in the game that didn’t need to be taken.  Ryan Flynn was the forward scratch.

– Klasen was duped into a penalty in the overtime session.  Wolves forward Fredrik Pettersson was trying to get into Klasen’s head, and he succeeded.  After knocking Klasen’s stick out of hands near the Admirals blue line, and giving him a shove after the whistle, Klasen slashed him back.  Coincidental minors that kept the Admirals most dynamic scorer off the ice for two minutes of the 4×4 period.


– Am I being too hard on Aaron Johnson?
– Has anyone seen Blake Geoffrion lately?
– The two teams face each other again on Saturday night.  If you are coach Lambert, what is the message that you try to deliver to the team to prepare them for the rematch?
– How much longer do you think Klasen will be an Admiral?
– Anything else you’d like to share about this heartbreaker?

11 thoughts on “Admirals Collapse In 3rd, Lose In OT”

  1. Johnson has been awful. Palin and Lewis haven’t done anything to impress me either.

    Yeah, Geoffrion disappeared. Clanked one off the post tonight, but it was off a great pass.

    I think you said it best. DISCIPLINE.

    Not much longer, glad my mancrush is coming to fruition.

    Odd how the admirals lay a turd in the first period of the opener, and the 3rd period tonight. 60 mins bitches.

  2. Scott Ford should trade places with Ryan Braun, because he seemed to be out in left field most of the game. Not something you expect from him. Spaling was all over the ice all night, I think he had a very strong game.

    This loss should be blamed on whoever was running the scoreboard. In the beginning of the 3rd they showed the current standings and showed that Milwaukee was 1-2-0 When in fact they were only 1-1-0. I think that put a jinx on them, but at least they were able to come out 1-1-1.

  3. wow, i got scared for a second there… I was learning to work the clock in the first 2 periods, but the graphics is a whole different department. :)

  4. I also have had enough of Aaron Johnson. Ironically 2 of the signed pink pucks we bought tonight were his. He takes two many penalties and I thought he could have been called for more. But there was sloppy play tonight by all. I do agree Spaling had another strong game.

    I can’t say I like what Lambert did with the lines. Why did Mueller get bumped from Blake’s line down to Bartlett’s? I thought he has been playing hard as usual. Don’t see how Kelsey was that much better. Thought he made some mistakes tonight too.
    I also noticed how they had our record wrong and said it would jinx us.

    Too bad because for once this seems like a very beatable Chicago team. Hopefully tomorrow they will play much better.

  5. Talking to Aaron Sims after the game and I found this interesting…..the guy that was in Klasen’s face during overtime…..Pettersson and Klasen played against each other for the last three years in the Swedish Elite League. Perhaps what we saw was some unfinished business from the past? Or maybe nothing more than trying to get him off the ice for a couple of minutes.

    Agreed on Spaling, who continues to do the little things very well. Hopefully they keep that line together…I think they could be pretty dominant.

    Ford, I didn’t mind so much. Palin I thought was fine. Lewis I think has stepped up. Laakso hasn’t been notable (which I think plays to his strengths). But man, Johnson…. If he played like this in Preds training camp, it’s no wonder that he’s here instead of Sulzer.

    Jamie Lundmark may be on his down soon….tough to say who is going to be the roster/playing time casualty after that happens.

  6. Is Lehman really this bad too??? I don’t remember him from Chicago, and apparently, I won’t remember him from Milwaukee next season either.

  7. …I forgot to add that my issue with Ford was that there were 2-3 times when the puck was kicked back to him on the blue line and he just kind of watched it trickle past him. Kind of frustrating!

  8. He should have kept the lines together. I am kind of curious to hear why Mueller got taken off Geoffrions line.

    We need a solid 60 Minute performance. I don’t think the undisciplined penalty from Santorelli helps his cause of trying to get in the line up.

    I think Klasen will be here for a bit. I guess it all depends on how healthy the Preds stay.

  9. The team has good energy, yet it seems they get caught behind the net a good portion of the game. Between Ford,Blum and Laakso, they let three centering attempts go past them into the defensive zone. These were genuine scoring opportunities that were missed. The preds have looked solid thus far, so baring injuries I do not see them messing with the chemistry, yet if I was in the Preds management, I would be very curious to see if Klasen’s skills translate into NHL skills. Imagine a line with Klasen at Left wing, Hornqvist at right wing and Wilson at center. That could be an amazing scoring line for the Preds.

  10. The question then becomes — can Klasen hold up his end of the donkey (that’s a George Thompson joke) in the defensive zone. If he’s here a long time, it’s probably to get better on that facet of his game. Lucky for him right now, he’s skating with Spaling and Thuresson who may be able to compensate a bit.

    Maybe Kelsey Wilson was on Blake’s line for protection. You may recall the Wolves taking some tough shots at him in the playoffs, and they took some at him yesterday too. Mueller is flexible that he can really fit in on any line….energy, grinder, scoring, doesn’t matter. The guy works hard.

    Good call on the defensemen getting caught behind the net — and you can’t do that against the Wolves. On one of the 3rd period power plays, Van Guilder just bailed his defensemen out as there was a Wolf just camped out in front of the net all by himself.

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