What Does Kelsey Wilson Need To Do?

So here are stat lines over the last three seasons for two players:

Player A:
07-08:  63 games, 11g, 7a, 100 PIM
08-09:  72 games, 4g, 12a, 124 PIM
09-10:  51 games, 6g, 10a, 40 PIM
Total:  186 games, 21g, 29a, 264 PIM

Player B:
07-08:  66 games, 8g, 11a, 179 PIM
08-09:  80 games, 15g. 17a, 160 PIM
09-10:  52 games, 18g, 22a, 231 PIM
Totals: 198 games, 41g, 50a, 570 PIM

One of them has played almost 300 games in the NHL.
One of them has played zero games in the NHL.

Player A is Jordin Tootoo.
Player B is Kelsey Wilson.

Of course, some of the difference in statistics is that Tootoo has been playing against the best hockey players in the world in the NHL, and Kelsey has been playing in Milwaukee and Europe.  But one could argue that the role of the two players is very similar.

The Predators are the ones that invited him back, so obviously they see value in him as a player.

For discussion:  What does Kelsey Wilson need to show us this year to have a realistic shot at cracking the Predators roster at some point?

(photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

3 thoughts on “What Does Kelsey Wilson Need To Do?”

  1. I’m relatively new to the sport of hockey and now entering my 3rd season of Admirals games and to me, he doesn’t strike me as a guy who is NHL ready. He seems more like he’d like to hit people and fight, than concentrate on his craft. The hockey world needs those players too, but it can’t be all about that. From things I’ve heard outside the ring, maybe maturity issues play into it. Organizations don’t want to pay good money to people who may have some character issues too. Maybe he’s too good to be here, but I think until he puts on a banner year, he’ll be here for a while

  2. Kelsey has rock hands,and isn’t the quickest guy out there. He did seem some what lighter then he was two years ago. I would think he has to get quicker. Possibably spend some time with Master Chuin. I would hope his Offense is better.

    He managed to score over 15 goals with us his last year here, but always seemed slow in response time. Maybe playing in pass happy europe has helped him, but he’s not a offensive player.

    So he needs to loose another ten pounds, and somehow get quicker. He has to be a complement player on a checking line. Or be the low end of a third line, but the protector for his line.

    Because other then scoring a goal, the best way to change momentum in a hockey game is a fight, This allows a fringe player, with fighting skills to make a NHL Team.
    Because the NHL will not ban fighting,you’ll always need tough guyes.

    Kelsey will always be tough, and will never have soft hands. So he needs to get quick.

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