This And That

Hey hey!

– Defenseman Aaron Johnson cleared waivers, so he should be Milwaukee bound.  This may or may not impact the stay of Julien Brouillette, who avoided the pink slip on Sunday.

– Did you catch the twitter-madness about LA Kings goaltender Erik Ersberg?   The goalie was placed on waivers on Monday, and shortly thereafter, it was being reported/suggested that the Predators were going to be placing a waiver claim for Ersberg.

There’s a good summary of the whole charade here (note the part where Barry Trotz says that there is no interest in the guy), but here’s the short version courtesy of On The Forecheck that sums it up nicely:

“It appears that what we have here is a combination of semi-informed speculation from reputable journalists, and rumor-mongering from overzealous, hockey-deprived fans.”

It’s a little bit shame on them (the reporters), and a little bit shame on us (the fans).  It shows what an amazing tool twitter can be, but also shows how it can be abused if not used properly.  It’s another bruise in the mainstream media versus blogger media battle.

Of course, the Preds may still claim him on Tuesday and we’ll have some major goalie issues to sort out…. We’ll find out after 11am.

– Time to introduce some of the other cast members here at the Roundtable that’ll be leading some of the discussions this season!

First off, meet Andy Grebe.  Andy was an intern with the Admirals communication department last year, but he’s no stranger to the Milwaukee sports media.  He’s opinionated, he’s tech savvy, and can formulate complete sentences….so he’ll be an asset around these parts.

Also, pretty soon you’ll meet Jason Karnosky.  He’s a bona fide hockey writer, who will be providing some feature stories for the Admirals main website, and we’ll be poaching a few stories from him too.

And that’s the end of this post.

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