Ads Defeat Wolves In Pre-season Finale

Well, that was fun.

Yes, it was pre-season, but anyone who was at the Kern Center on Saturday night had to walk away pretty happy with the result — 3-1 over the Wolves.   Nuts and bolts are here.

The Wolves put out a team that will probably resemble their opening night lineup, and the Admirals held them to just 8 shots over the first two periods.  The Wolves skated names like Krog, Haydar, Machacek, Holzapfel, and had lots of power play time, but the Admirals defense played a very effective game.  The lone Chicago goal was at the tail-end of a 5-3 power play.  Despite that, very high marks for the penalty killing units tonight.

So let’s cut to chase here — for those that were at the game, give us your first impressions of the team.  What did you think of guys like Gabriel Bourque, Ryan Flynn, Blake Geoffrion, Mike Bartlett, and the return of Kelsey Wilson?

5 thoughts on “Ads Defeat Wolves In Pre-season Finale”

  1. Bourque never really stood out too much to me. Same with Flynn

    Bartlett made a lot of smart hockey plays.

    Geoffrion was strong on the puck, which was a delight to see.

    On D, Sawyer took a shot anytime he had an open look, and thats something we’ve rarely seen in the last couple years. Julien Brouillette really impressed me in the defensive zone, playing smart, and getting the puck out of the zone anytime it needed to. But as stacked at D as the Ads/Preds are…its going to be really tough to keep either of them.

    Kelsey was unimpressive….

  2. Agreed on Kelsey. I thought Thang played a nice game. Overall I really liked the speed of the team and the work ethic. They really outworked the Wolves through the whole game.

  3. I love watching hockey. Pre-season I watch it but I don’t pay attention to the players. Most of them won’t be here next week anyway. There were 12 more players as least watching the game from the stands and most of them will be regulars.
    Great game, great win. Now on to the regular season!

  4. I thought Kelsey looked good . I would expect his time in europe will improve his offenseive skill,somewhat. Almost looked like he’d lost some weight. I thought he was one of the better Admirals. I think if Kelsey gets 15 goals again for us , and over a 1000 penalty minutes he’ll be fine.

    I see Geoffrion getting over 25 goals, and being here all year. Thang didn’t drop his mouth guard on the ice. I think he must not be using the blue one this year. He was all energy all the time.

    The Wolves are only missing one piece of the AHL Trinity having Krog and Haydar back together. The third part being Brett Sterling. Matheson looked like his uniform was to big… Watch the Wolves Millionaire owner, will sign Dave Scatachd.

  5. Cuts are expected today, so we’ll see if Jean-Claude and Julien are signed to two-way contracts, or whether they’ll go back to their ECHL team.

    I liked Scott Lehman as a forward better than I liked him as a defender Friday night in Rockford.

    Did anyone notice any difference in Mark (ahem….”The Proof”) Santorelli? Notice any improvement, or still the same guy?

    Creed — I think you hit the nail on the head regarding the speed of the team. It’s going to help on the forecheck and in transition big time this year.

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