Twitter Thoughts On Preds 3-1 Loss To Carolina

Well, it’s just pre-season, right?  Preds score first, but surrender three straight goals.  You can check out the box score here.

Here are some thoughts from Preds bloggers that attended the game, to give you an idea how things went.

Cellblock 303 cellblock303   Kelsey Wilson, after being hit while going back to bench, gets a roughing penalty while trying to start a fight w/ his instigator. #Preds

That sort of scenario sounds strangely familiar…

Cellblock 303 cellblock303 Kostitsyn-O’Reilly-Hornqvist generating some serious pressure each time they’re on the ice

Great news for Cal fans…but too bad his line didn’t put any in the net.  Cal did have three shots on goal, though.

Cellblock 303 cellblock303 Blum with a terrible giveaway in front of his own net, results in a 1-on-0 against Dekanich. Shot went wide. Wow that was bad.

Hear that sound?  That’s the sound of his plane ticket to Milwaukee being printed.

Cellblock 303 cellblock303 I’ll be shocked if Kelsey Wilson is here past Saturday.

Dirk Hoag Forechecker I think after tonight, Preds fans will be comfortable letting Beck, Ellis & Blum continue developing in junior & the AHL.

Brandon Felder brandon_felder I do believe that Laakso has had the definition of a terrible game.

A couple of minor penalties (and one that led to the game winning goal).

C predatweeter Good save from Dekanich on Staal, there. Mark’s not done his campaign for backup any harm tonight.

He only faced 7 shots in just under 18 minutes.  Obviously, I wasn’t there, but if he looked comfortable in net instead of playing whack-a-mole during the game, he may have made an ok case for himself tonight.

Rematch is Friday night @ Carolina.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Thoughts On Preds 3-1 Loss To Carolina”

  1. I’d be surprised if the Preds didn’t take someone off waivers when cuts are made as a back-up goalie. You’d think they would want some who has some NHL action.

  2. I totally agree with picking someone up off waivers. If Pekka plays 70 games, it would be REAL tough for Dex or Chet to stay fresh anyways for the limited games they do see. If they do go the Dex/Chet route, it may be a revolving door by sending either one back down to Milwaukee to stay fresh.

    Speaking of doors, I’ll gladly take the league minimum to be a door opener for the 70 games Peks plays.

  3. And there are some goalies out there still looking for work. Pretty sure Jose Theodore isn’t ready to hang em up.

    But the Preds take pride in the fact that they have a fantastic group of young goalies in the system. Why pay more for a vet when the answer MAY be right in front of you?

    But yeah….one of them needs to set themselves apart from the others.

    Dekanich starts tonight, with Anders Lindback coming on in relief. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

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