Admirals Roundtable 101

(Photo Credit: Sunnie Hirschfield)
It’s that time of year again! (Photo Credit: Sunnie Hirschfield)

The 2015-16 season is almost upon us. With that in mind I feel it is time for a re-introduction of all things Admirals Roundtable to get newbies up to speed with all that happens around these parts.

My name is Daniel Lavender and I am the editor-in-chief of Admirals Roundtable. This is now my third season with Roundtable and will be my fourth covering Milwaukee Admirals hockey up close and personal. After graduating from UW-Parkside I joined the front office as a communications intern and was fortunate enough to join during the 35th Anniversary season. Ever since I’ve quintessentially made covering this team around-the-clock my full-time job. It has been tons of fun to do and I’m so very excited to get the puck dropped on this year’s campaign.

As far as what to expect from content on Admirals Roundtable here is the prototypical breakdown: Scouting the Enemy, Game Recaps, Chatterbox, Feature Stories, and as much news as we can get published as possible when, after, or sometimes before it breaks.

Scouting the Enemy: I always try to get as comprehensive of a scouting report of the next Admirals opponent as I can published prior to game day. It’s either up the day-of or the day before the game is played. Considering back-to-backs and the frequency of seeing similar opponents takes place often – expect the length of these or manner in which the content is presented to change. I could purely talk about -say- the Grand Rapids Griffins or go back to a previous game in which the Admirals and Griffins played and the do’s and don’t’s that should take place in the game ahead.

Game Recaps: As far as timing goes, I try my best to get recaps up as quickly as I possibly can but would say a polite ETA is a little after a half-hour after the game is completed. For road games I’m able to get those up quickly due to the fact I’m watching the game from the comforts of my own home via AHL Live. When the Admirals are home I’ll be in the locker room area getting through interviews with coaches and players post-game which will make the recap take a touch longer – but also that little bit better thanks to the addition of quotes.

Chatterbox: What on Earth is Chatterbox you ask? Well, it is the audio portion of my post-game interviews with coaches and players that get published the morning after a home game gets completed. You’ll hear myself and the Admirals talk about the game, various other talking points, or -hopefully more this season- the beauty that is locker room pranking (e.g. interview bombing). I always encourage you readers on Twitter or Facebook to give a shout out if there is a certain player you want to hear from or have a specific question you’d like to have asked. I love to be your conduit to the team so having your involvement in this process makes everything that much more fun. Let your voice be heard. Let your question be answered by the player you wanted to hear from.

Feature Stories: This is another area where I love getting readership feedback as to a certain player you’d like to know more about. As examples: last season I did features on Magnus Hellberg‘s journey from Sweden to Milwaukee, Anthony Bitetto‘s road to playing in the NHL, and how all the European talents get to adapting on and off the ice here in North America. Often times I’ll come up with a story I find would be interesting but, like Chatterbox, it’s even more fun when suggestions come in and I can deliver insight readers and fans alike are looking for. So, for a laugh, answer this question. Who should be the very first player featured this season?

News: There’s not much more to say other than delivering news is the backbone of Roundtable. When a player goes up to Nashville, gets sent down from Nashville, gets called up from Cincinnati, etc etc it will be made perfectly clear here. There will come times when I might happen upon things a touch later than you might find in the social media spectrum but, fret ye not, it will be up here with a bit more than a 140 character perspective of events.

Speaking of social media, I do trust you to find Admirals Roundtable content where ever it suits you best as well. I always leave our social media outlets as the signature to stories but will say this in regards to what you get from each. Twitter is where I frequent the most so it is the busiest and heaviest stream of content and/or silly pictures. Facebook is for the more laid back inclined, I’d think. I update Facebook at the end of each period of hockey rather than a full play-by-play as I would on Twitter. So, if the noise of Roundtable is getting too loud for you on Twitter simply like the Facebook page and check things out there. As for Instagram? That’s probably as laid back as it could possibly get and runs purely off of the credited photographers with my news headlines. Get the content as you would like it best I say. No matter how it gets served I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all the same.

That will do as far as re-introducing is concerned. I believe the best thing coming up is next week when practice starts up and a home exhibition game is afoot. As always, I hope to see you folks out at games and/or events that the Admirals hold during the season and look forward to the conversations we’ll be having as things motor ahead.

Any questions, thoughts, or suggestions for Admirals Roundtable? Anything you would like to see get added to the mix? Please let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Admirals Roundtable 101”

  1. Dan,

    Any chance we will see a harder edge to the music with the logo change? Would love for shipping up to boston, kickstart my heart, dr feelgood (should be victor arvidssons song) smiling for a fight sand some stuff like that. And what ever happened to the 1990s train horn for goals. Loved that the train was coming at you and passing past. At the very least we should get rid of the every one has it goal song. The new “hey” from gary glitter is Chelsea dagger from the fratellis. And the siren the bruins, Canadiens and leafs use to end a period would be cool.

  2. Can’t wait to get the season going!

    Any thoughts of updating the color scheme of the page to a more dark and aggressive tone to match the Ads makover?

  3. AKA: I’ve not heard anything in regards to the intro song or musical selection. I’d expect the in-game stuff to be about the same. Intro I expect to be different but I don’t know what it will be. I’d love some harder rockin’ tunes to set the mood on the intro.

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