Rehab Over: Pekka Rinne Heading Back to Nashville

Brace yourselves, Smashville. He’s en route. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The initial plan was for Pekka Rinne to make starts on Friday and Sunday as part of his conditioning assignment. It turns out that’s all that he will need. He is headed to the airport shortly after his second consecutive win for the Admirals and should be sleeping in the comforts of Nashville later tonight.

In his return to Milwaukee he made two starts, won both games, stopped thirty-three of thirty-five shots on goal, had a 0.99 GAA, and a 0.943 SV%. It was his first taste of game action since missing four-months due to an infection related to his off-season hip surgery. In my opinion, he wasn’t tested all that often – but his game today definitely had him moving around and working hard on tracking loose pucks due to several blocked shots. He also looked incredibly confident in skating around and playing pucks.

It might not have been long. But it was long enough. I feel his conditioning for a full length game went over alright on Friday but even more so when tasked with a defensive-minded overtime game today. He seems more than physically ready to return. And that’s precisely why his conditioning assignment should end here and now.

The Nashville Predators next game is on Tuesday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins. They also have the St. Louis Blues (Thursday), and Blue Jackets (Saturday) all coming into Nashville.

What are your thoughts from Pekka Rinne’s conditioning assignment? How did he look? Should he have played one more game before heading back to the NHL or was this enough? Where do the Admirals go from here with their netminders? Remember, Magnus Hellberg is close to returning as well.

7 thoughts on “Rehab Over: Pekka Rinne Heading Back to Nashville”

  1. Great to see him play. Very humble, very focused. I hope he was able to give some pointers to hellberg.

  2. More importantly what does NSH do with their goaltending situation? I’d imagine both Duby and Hutton need to clear waivers so it all depends on where the odd man out ends up. What was the deal with Jarvinen? He was too hot Friday night to be a healthy scratch today!

  3. Jarvinen musta had a pulled cheek muscle from all that smiling on Friday!! It was so cool to see Pekka again for just a little bit. It felt like old times. Classic Pekka, how I missed his puck passing ability. Curious to see if either Hutton or Dubynk are dealt or packaged thursday hope none of our guys are sent out like Latta was.

  4. The Wolves lost Mancari and the Ice Hogs lost Brandon Pirri… so we at least got that going for us for now… (until the Preds deal someone from our roster)….

  5. It was great to see Pekka for two games. I thought he was very good today during the penalty kill. I’d be very surprised if he is not in net Tuesday night in Nashville vs. Pittsburgh He looks ready to go to me. I also thought Scott Ford played excellent over the weekend , really strong on the body and playing a consistent elimination game.

    Mark S. It’s Rinne and Carter in Nashville Devan Dubnyk will be the odd man out sooner or later.

    Jarvinen – said he is fine . , but he did take a h e l l of a straight left to the nose Friday night from Jake Dowell ( Eau Claire WI. and UW-Badger)

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