Pekka Watch Continues in Milwaukee

“SOON,” says the on again off again Pekka Watch news cycle.

With my day out at the Admirals locker room in hand – I figured it’d be nice to follow up on Jason’s story yesterday regarding the possibility of Pekka Rinne making a return to Milwaukee under rehab conditions.

I’m working on a feature story on Scott Darling at the moment. Being on site, I decided to ask him and Admirals head coach Dean Evason questions regarding Pekka Watch 2014.

“It’s a daily thing with him to see where he’s at. I think there is a possibility that he comes to us at some point to get his game back once he is cleared to play. But, having said that, day-to-day – we don’t know how he practiced today, we don’t know how he is going to practice tomorrow. We’ll just wait and see when that happens, or if that happens, we’ll make our decisions from there.” Dean Evason

AUDIO, Dean Evason on Pekka Rinne in Milwaukee:

“I don’t hear anymore than you guys. Every day I am waiting to show up at the rink and have another goalie here. I’ve been playing pro for four-years this is, I think, my fourteenth pro team. So it’s like I expect everything to happen. Plan for the best. Prepare for the worst. And just see what happens.” Scott Darling

AUDIO, Scott Darling on the day-to-day life of being in goal for the Admirals:

“I’d like to think [Pekka Rinne] would be my backup but, no, I’m just kidding. He’d play. And I don’t know what they would do in that situation. I don’t know if they just healthy [scratch] us or some of us go to Cincinnati. I don’t know what happens, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I would love to back him up a game. It’d be cool to be goalie partners with Pekka Rinne. But we’ll see what happens when the time comes, if it comes.” Scott Darling

AUDIO, Scott Darling on the possibility of Pekka Rinne rehabbing with the Admirals:

The operative term, as has been the case with this story for months now, is wait and see. I certainly feel like the Admirals would be prepared for the move should it happen. The fact that it would be a stint of two-weeks under rehab conditions, and he probably wouldn’t be down for the full extend of the 14 days allotted in rehab conditions, makes it even easier to shuffle bodies around for a short while.

If it were to happen under the current state of the team I feel like Darling probably would be the man sent down to the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL to allow him to start games in net – while Marek Mazanec pairs up with Rinne as an understudy for his brief time down in Milwaukee. Just as Darling said though: we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

How do you feel the Predators should handle Pekka Rinne’s return? Would a rehab stint in Milwaukee make the most sense or could he find himself right back in the mix in Nashville? If an AHL rehab stint is in the agenda, who is the more likely candidate to be sent down to the ECHL during that time – Darling or Mazanec?

10 thoughts on “Pekka Watch Continues in Milwaukee”

  1. A little more Pekka teasing courtesy of Dirk Hoag of On the Forecheck yesterday.

    The team has the option to send Rinne to Milwaukee for a conditioning assignment of up to 14 days with the player’s consent, so who knows, Admirals fans may get a chance to relive the days of 2005-6 to 2007-8, when Rinne played 145 games for Milwaukee.

    More from John Glennon of Tennessean yesterday via Twitter:

  2. Knowing Nashville’s track record, a brief stint, and I mean brief (one to two starts) conditioning stint in Milwaukee seems to make the most sense to me, likely starting on Friday. That being said, I’m not at Nashville practice and can’t see just how good in goal Pekka Rinne looks.

    But Pekka Rinne is such a gamer, and if he’s getting close to being game worthy in practice I actually could see Nashville rolling him out as soon as they possibly can with the Predators. Coach Barry Trotz has already ruled out Pekka Rinne for the Predators’ Thursday game, which might mean Milwaukee’s Wednesday game as well. The NHL standings are so tight and the margin so small that taking a gamble on a Rinne instead of either Hutton/Dooby seems like plausable plan, however remote that possibility is. A hot, star goaltender could give the Predators an edge in the race to the playoffs, especially with teams like Vancouver floundering (Of course that could also backfire). Plus Nashville has to decide in just a few days if they are a buyer or seller prior to the trade deadline, which is right around the corner (March 5).

    Meanwhile, I like Lavender and every other Admirals fan waits with baited breath. Is Pekka Rinne coming to Milwaukee or not??? Pekka Watch 2014 continues…

  3. Jason: I think, as you said, it’d probably be only a few games. My guess would be 3 games… depending on how they go it could be only 2 games. The way Evason talked to me today, and he is generally straight forward with me, tells me he won’t be here for tomorrow. That said, Thursday and Friday are different days. Pekka could well show up Thursday for practice and get the weekend games for the Ads.

    “PEKKA WATCH 2014” is a pretend registered trademark of Admirals Roundtable – which is trying to commercialize PEKKA WATCH like Spaceballs and Spaceballs products such as Spaceballs: The Flamethrower.

  4. Perhaps that could be a great Admirals promo for an Admirals/Predators home game that Pekka plays. The plastic “Pekka Watch” wrist watch giveaway. I’m fully expecting a Daniel Lavender prototype before game time tomorrow. I’d want one of those more than even a James Bond watch!

  5. Creed, using only the info from that Tweet.

    Nashville’s extended homestand would allow for Pekka to get a couple of starts in Milwaukee before going back to Tennessee. Starting tomorrow, Nashville has home games until March 8, a stretch with a total of five home dates (the Predators longest homestand of the season). Nashville’s upcoming games: Feb. 27 vs. Tampa Bay; March 1 vs. Winnipeg; March 4 vs. Pittsburgh; March 6 vs. St. Louis; March 8 vs. Columbus.

    Meanwhile, assuming Pekka doesn’t play in Milwaukee tonight, the Admirals have games on Friday (Feb. 28), Sunday (March 2) and then Friday (March 7) all at home.

    A logical visit for Pekka Rinne to Milwaukee would be for one or two games (Friday and Sunday) or just Sunday. He then could be back in uniform for Nashville against Pittsburgh on Tuesday with good rest (Admirals game is at 3:00 P.M.).

    This is all hypothetical of course. As I discussed earlier, I could easily see a scenario where he goes right back into the lineup for Nashville. If I knew Pekka Rinne couldn’t aggrivate the injury more by playing, even at 80%, I would probably start him over Hutton or Dooby. But I’m not Barry Trotz.

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