The 2013-14 Schedule

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a schedule.

If you like travelling to see the opening night game on the road, you’ll definitely get some frequent flyer miles out of it this year.  The Admirals will start the season with their one and only trip to Abbotsford for a pair of games.

Here are some notes about the schedule:

12 games against Chicago and Rockford
10 games against Grand Rapids and Iowa
4 games against Charlotte, Texas, San Antonio, Lake Erie, Oklahoma City, and Abbotsford
2 games against Toronto, Hamilton, Rochester, and Utica

There will be 9 sets of 3-games-in-3-days.  Of those 27 games, only a third will be home games, and a pair of 3-in-3 sets will be all road games.

January 24th-26th — A home and home and back home set against the Rockford IceHogs.  Friday in Milwaukee, Saturday in Rockford, Sunday in Milwaukee.  Think they’ll be tired of seeing each other?  Think that third game might be a game you’ll want to get tickets to?

80% of the schedule is weekend games (Fri, Sat, Sun).   On the home schedule, we’ve got 16 Friday games, 6 Saturday games, and 6 Sunday games.  And then 10 home games during the week.

There are 9 games in April.  Four of them are against the Wolves.  Grand.

One five game homestand, three four game homestands.  8 out of 9 games between February 26th and March 15th will be at home.

No huge roadtrips….the longest is a four game stretch, which happens twice.  Once in beginning of the season on the trip that includes the Texas teams, and one in March that includes the teams in the northeast.

Over the last 12 games of the season, it’s split evenly between home and road games.

By my count, just five, maybe six trips that’ll involve expensive airplane fares….depending on if they want to fly or bus to Cleveland.  And there aren’t any weird scheduling quirks where they’re in playing in Milwaukee on Friday, and then playing in Charlotte the next day.

No random mid-week school-day-game matinees at 10am.

Chris Mueller, if with the Texas Stars, will be visiting Milwaukee twice in October — Saturday the 26th and Wednesday the 30th.  We’ll see Utica (aka last year’s Chicago Wolves with new free agents like Mike Santorelli and Zach Hamill) on February 7th.  And Rochester will make their first trip to Milwaukee since the 06-07 season on March 2nd.

And last but certainly not least…….For our friend Todd from …..  Daytona 500 is February 23rd.  The Admirals will NOT have a home game…they’ll be in Grand Rapids that afternoon.

3 thoughts on “The 2013-14 Schedule”

  1. Finally, Rochester returns!

    Definitely another brawl, a la April Fools Day (or Rob Flick day) coming with Rockford.

  2. The 3-in-3 against Rockford Jan.24,25,26 should make for some great hockey. Rockford made a excellent addition to there coaching staff by hiring Mark Osiecki (asst. coach). Osiecki has a very strong resume with a high level of success in developing young hockey players.

    NCAA – Ohio State
    USHL- Green Bay
    NCAA- Wisconsin
    USA World Juniors
    NCAA – North Dakota

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