Ads can’t climb out of 5-0 hole

It’s hard to speculate on what was going through the Admirals’ heads in that first period.

They might’ve had a period with fewer shots earlier this season, (one shot against OKC on Jan. 7th), but you could argue the first 20 minutes of Friday night’s 5-2 loss to Chicago was the worst the team’s played all season.

Alex Friesen opened the scoring for the Wolves 6:06 into the contest with a goal down low that beat Jeremy Smith over his right pad.

Taylor Beck committed a slashing penalty about three minutes later, and Chicago took advantage. Smith gave up a big rebound off of a blast from the blue line by Brad Hunt and Bill Sweatt was there to put it away.

We didn’t see Beck on the ice again after that penalty and Coach Dean Evason explained why.

The Ads used a time out after the goal, but it did little to help things.

Guillaume Desbiens made it 3-0 about 3 minutes later after he made Scott Valentine look silly.

The Wolves would get one more at 14:26 courtesy of Michael Davies.

Mike Moore talked about the atmosphere after the timeout and the team’s disappointment with the result.

Milwaukee came out flat in just about all facets of the game, getting outshot 14-7 in the first 20. But what stood out most was the defense (or lack thereof) and for that reason, Evason decided to keep Smitty in net for the second period.

The Ads couldn’t do anything with a 5-on-3 to start the period, and 4:41 into it the Wolves scored their fifth and final goal after Joonas Jarvinen was called for high sticking.

On a night when the power play went 0 for 7, surprisingly, it was a shorthanded strike from Mark Van Guilder that got Milwaukee on the board at the 11:06 mark.

Magnus Hellberg came out and played a solid third period. The big goalie stopped six shots and his offense put forth a great, but futile effort.

Milwaukee got off 23 shots in the final period, but they only yielded one goal. 7:16 in, Cam Reid put in his first of the year adding a little spark to an otherwise dreary evening.

He was glad, but realistic about it.


When asked about Patrick Hornqvist’s injury and possible implications of an Admirals call up, Evason replied there had been zero discussion on the issue.


What went wrong out there in your opinion? Why do you feel the Ads came out so flat?

Reid said, while declining to use it as an excuse, that the long break may have had something to do with it, but he also said the Wolves just “wanted it more” out of the gates.

Did you agree with Evason’s decision regarding Taylor Beck and later Michael Latta? I think he gave some pretty strong statements on “silly” penalties.

What about leaving Smith in to save him the embarrassment as Coach said? Do you share his opinion that his teammates left him out to dry?

Before discussing this, it’s important to remember that its just one game. There’s no need for hyperbole. Remember last week’s 8-2 romp over OKC? Nuff said. And they’ll get a long time to straighten things out with no games on the schedule ’til next Friday.

9 thoughts on “Ads can’t climb out of 5-0 hole”

  1. Smith didn’t get much help from his teammates. Sometimes you have to clear rebounds or beat the other team to the puck. People should not be skating in like it is a shoot out! Stupid penalties in the neutral zone put the team on the defensive too much. The best defense is a good offense. Milwaukee needed more shots in the first two periods. All of those things can be fixed.

    I don’t really know what is said in the locker room. The Coach is not happy with what he saw out there. If the players don’t listen and play the game correctly, you need to put other guys out there. That is what people on this forum have been saying about the power play for a month. The even strength play was similar in this game. Don’t repeat that mistake.

  2. I wasn’t at the game and didn’t get to listen to it on the radio either, but I appreciate and respect Evason’s approach on silly penalties and pulling players. These guys are being prepped for the next step and they aren’t going to put up with much in the big league, especially if there have been multiple prior discussions.

    I also like Evason’s comments on Smitty and the five first period goals. To me, it’s hard to argue with his thoughts as he hasn’t been afraid to put Smitty on the spot for playing poorly in the past.

  3. Sorry, but I can’t agree with adsfan. The Ads were outplayed in all three periods. Watching the game, it was, once again, interesting that the opponent was on our tails the entire game. Hell’s bells, we couldn’t even get the puck into the offensive zone on power plays! There wasn’t a completed pass between Ads that didn’t have a Wolf pressuring the receiver. And if you turn that around, it doesn’t hold up. The Ads continue their blind passing and it just doesn’t work.

    While I understand pulling players for infractions, there has to be a judicious use of it. I get the sense that Evason likes the hard-nosed approach. I just wonder how long it takes a player to get the to f-you stage (which is what we may be seeing now).

    More than half way into the season, and it surely looks to me like they haven’t gelled at all. A bunch of individuals out on the ice whacking away at the puck, rather than teams of men working together to accomplish their goal.

    My 2 cents, which probably aren’t even worth that.

  4. Ouch…last sentence of your second paragraph. Hadn’t considered that. Could be true. Big problem if true after a season last year of seemingly no respect for the coach from many players.

  5. I’m hoping that that isn’t the case, but short of that, what’s going on?

    The team is barely holding its head about .500 more than 1/2 way through the season. Most of the players were here last year, and for some it’s their 3rd year. There should be some cameraderie, which may be there, but it isn’t really evident on the ice. So, are the options for finger-pointing thinning out? Here are a few thoughts:

    1. a group of players who are mediocre at best (which, if a ‘C’ grade is average, they should be at .700)
    2. players who don’t see light at the end of the tunnel- disheartened because of all that is the NHL this season, or
    3. a coaching staff who hasn’t the talent to glue these players together and make a team

  6. I agree with Ouch’s statement:

    “More than half way into the season, and it surely looks to me like they haven’t gelled at all. A bunch of individuals out on the ice whacking away at the puck, rather than teams of men working together to accomplish their goal.”

    I think that sums up this team in a nutshell. Yes, it’s just one game, but at this point in the season we’ve been seeing this same thing game after game. We have spurts of energy but don’t play a complete 60 minutes. Our PP just plain sucks. We’re not taking shots when we should.

    Regarding the coach’s decisions, I agree with his decision with Smitty. However the decision to bench Beck was surprising and harsh. I don’t know if Beck has been “punished” with less ice time in the past, but if he wasn’t, to be benched for 2 1/2 periods seems kind of harsh. If he’d been punished in the past or showed displeasure in the locker room after the 1st, then I completely agree with the coach’s decision.

    What was very interesting was the chalk talk with Coach prior to the game. Coach spent the entire talk explaining how they were going to simplify the PP in the game. He showed the PP setup and explained the setup and positioning of the top line (Beck, Watson, Winchester with Mueller and Bartley on the points). The plan was to bring the puck up the ice on either side of the ice while Watson and Winchester would crash the net and Beck would play along the half wall. Beck, Mueller and Bartley would just fire anything on net and let Watson and Winchester do the tough work in front. Unfortunately Beck never got a chance to play on that line (Cehlin was substituted in on that PP unit), and we could never control the puck long enough to do anything with it.

  7. The first period was the worst I’ve seen since opening night vs omaha a few years back. But to be fair the team we have is a bi-product of the nashvile and its decision making.
    I’ve mentioned in past years blogs the laundry list of talent and players that go through milwaukee and are simply traded for garbage or just left to walk away to other teams. Nashville won its only plyoff series last year on pekka’s back! The system is flawed nashville focuses on scoring one or two goals and hoping the goalie can pitch shutouts so they draft low offense players and that’s what we have in front of us.
    Who out there is at the level of the talent we had before like mike santorelli, pevs, cal, jones, sulzer, franson and brookbank? Mueller and maybe watson, the rest are middle to low end players who are doing all they can. We really don’t know how to match intensity and hunger of the teams we play. We’ve been spoiled by playoffs and solid team over the years…… Gulp welcome folks to the “Lean Years”…..

  8. Creed, I agree with what you said about the coach’s decision to keep Smith out there but I completely disagree about benching Beck and Latta. They needed to be sat.
    You are right about the PP and IMHO he screwed up by putting Cehlin out there at all. Work the plan with “Beck, Watson, Winchester with Mueller and Bartley on the points” You gotta have guys in front that aren’t afraid to be there and you have to have people who don’t cough up the puck and are willing to shoot, shoot. and keep on shooting.

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