Engren Allows 3 Goals In The First Period, Ads Can’t Recover

I have an easier time with the team losing if the other team scores 4 good goals.  In that case, good on them, they beat us.  Fine.

Simply put…..after the exhibitions in the last two games….the Milwaukee goaltending needs to be better, or the Admirals won’t be playing meaningful games after your income taxes are due.

The Admirals lost this one 4-2, with Engren giving up three in the first period before being relieved, and then an empty netter at the end of the game.  Juuso Puustinen had a power play goal for the Admirals, and Chris Mueller made it a one-goal game late.

Here are the video highlights from the game, courtesy of the Rivermen.

Note the body language of Engren after each goal.

4 thoughts on “Engren Allows 3 Goals In The First Period, Ads Can’t Recover”

  1. Can anybody tell me why Smith wouldn’t get the start since he’s been the NHL equivalent of a Walmart greeter for that last few days? Now with another 5 days before games….there’s probably going to be some rust. I don’t get Engren… Seems like when I get nervous that he’s starting a game, he plays great… The when I’m comfortable with him, he pulls something like this.

  2. What was soo bad about the body language? I’d rather have him be upset like that, then acting like Blum who’d rather not be here.

  3. That first goal was bad…should have had no problem covering up there. Don’t know why the whistle wasn’t blown. Can’t blame him for a 5 on 3 goal. But the goaltending this weekend left much to be desired. Even in the win on Friday. Glad Smith is back.

  4. The scary thing is we can’t ride Smith the rest of the year. He has to have a few games off here and there. And at this point, we can’t afford to lose any divisional games. Chicago has found their stride and are right up with us in the standings. We need to beat our divisional opponents. I think Nashville needs to send Mitch Korn down to do some extended work with Engren… or something??

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