Ads Start The New Year Scoreless

There were two teams at the Bradley Center tonight.  One was victorious, despite playing their third game in three days, and one was playing their goaltender for the third time in three days.

The other team was the Admirals.

The Admirals only managed 18 shots against Ben Bishop, and he stopped them all, vaulting the Rivermen to their first vicotry over the Admirals this season.  1-0 was the final score.

When the highlights of the night were a big clean hit from Scott Valentine and a close Merkt’s Cheese Race, it’s a tough night for the home team.

Milwaukee recorded only 5 shots on goal in the first stanza and Atte Engren stoped the 9 shots he faced. The second period is when the game got its only goal.

With Jeff Foss in the box for interference, the Rivermen skated the puck into the zone along the near side boards when Scott Valentine had a huge hip check on Jay Barribal. Struggling to get off the ice, the Rivermen’s Adam Cracknell regathered the puck and drove into the zone again firing a shot on net from inside the far circle beating Engren for the only goal.  It’s one that I think Engren should have had.

As for the aforementioned check,(in my best Dick Vitale) it was huge baby. The check sent Barribal’s helmet flying and left him on the ice for a couple seconds. The Rivermen were quite upset with the no call but another look at the check proved that it was a clean one. Regardless of the no-call, Stefan Della Rovere wanted to enforce his own justice and dropped the mitts with Valentine a little bit later in the period. Della Rovere even waived off the linesman at one point letting him know that he was not done.  He had some (I am guessing) very nice things to say to Valentine as he was being pulled away. Stuff like “Happy new year” and “I love your twitter posts” and stuff like that.


– Tough weekend for the Admirals.  But they played four games this week, and if they want to blame it on fatigue, I’ll buy it.  I won’t like it…but I’ll buy it.  And if that is the case, they’ve got to get that fixed because there are going to be some more weeknight games as the season gets going, and we can’t have them running out of gas on Sunday’s.

– David Leaderer skated in place of Tyler Sloan, who is a bit banged up.  He’ll hopefully be ready to go next weekend.

– Still didn’t like Blake’s game.  I think he’s bringing down the Van Flynder line.

– So who had a good game, and who failed to show up tonight?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Ads Start The New Year Scoreless”

  1. > Still didn’t like Blake’s game. I think he’s bringing down the Van Flynder line.

    AMEN. Blake should be dominating at this level. He looks like he needs to be send to Cincinnati for a couple of games.

  2. Blake looked terrible and disinterested. Creedfeed is right, he should be dominating at this level….he’ll throw a hat trick in for the badger game though.

    I think Leaderererererereer held his own very well, looked like he jumped in the offensive play a few times and didn’t look out of place at all, I’m guessing we missed Sloan’s leaderererership though.

    Valentine’s hit was EPIC…and I don’t use that word often. He’s an old school player, kind of like the Kapco commercial. I love the way he plays.

    Most of the Ads looked disinterested today. Can’t use travel as an excuse as Peoria played at home last night, and was coming off a 3 in 3….Maybe the ice was terrible? But again, both teams played on it, although neither could create much, I’ll blame the ice.

  3. Hungover. The offense was a day late and a dollar short the entire game.

    Valentine’s hip check was a thing of beauty. With leagues clamping down on hits, even clean ones with the shoulder, it’s surprising to me that players don’t go to this kind of hit more often.

  4. They threatened Bishop maybe twice throughout the whole game. No offense, they couldn’t win any battles. Thought Engren played pretty well.

    Blake sucks right now, period. He better get a roomie or find a place here if he doesn’t start picking it up.

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