Shootout Lineup

We’ve got some time to kill before the next game.

So let’s talk about shootout lineups.

In the first shootout of the season, Coach Muller sent these guys out in this order:

Latta (Scored)
Bartley (No Goal)
Thang (Scored)
Wilson (Scored)
Puustinen (Scored)

While that was a recipe for success on Saturday, what five skaters would YOU send it in a shootout, and in what order?  Do you think Latta will be the new Santorelli, and the first guy out every time?  Is there a scenario where you would send a defenseman out? (Todd, I’d like to link to your original story about defensemen taking shootout attempts, if the URL still exists).

5 thoughts on “Shootout Lineup”

  1. Mueller, Borque, Latta, Thang and whoever else may have a hot hand. Ie scored that game already.

    I think it is worth it to put a defenseman out on the shoot out if it is against a goalie that has seen and had success against most of your goal scoring forwards already that season.

  2. Latta, Bourque, Mueller, Thang, Puustinen

    I would use an offensive defenseman in a situation where one of the 5 shooters listed above is having an off night. It’d really depend on how the game has gone and who is performing and not. If another forward was playing well one night, I would use him in place of Mueller or Thang perhaps.

  3. Jumping on the ‘Mueller, Bourque, Latta, Thang’ bandwagon. Use ’em while we got ’em. Nashville is struggling right now. They might call someone up to shake things up around there.

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