Chet Pickard Assigned To Cincy

The race to backup Jeremy Smith to start the season has been won by Atte Engren, with the news that Chet Pickard has been assigned to the ECHL.

And depending on which horse you supported in the race, there are lots of different conclusions that you may…um….conclude…..from that move.  Purely speculation at this point.

– Atte is the better goalie.

– Chet needs to play the majority of the games for the benefit of his development.  He can do that in Cincy.

– Nothing more than a demotion for Chet.

– Coaches weren’t that impressed by either of the goalies…they just flipped a coin.

– Atte may not have accepted an assignment to Cincy, and gone back to Europe instead.

Personally, my first thought is that he’s going to Cincy to get the work.  If he stays in Milwaukee, he may just see the ice during the middle games of the 3-in-3 sets, or in relief of Smitty if he doesn’t seem so sharp one night.  And from a developmental standpoint (and yes, the Preds are still trying to develop the guy), keeping him in Milwaukee might stunt the growth that they’re looking for.

But we’ll see if we can get an official comment from the Coach to try to clear up the motivation behind the decision.

9 thoughts on “Chet Pickard Assigned To Cincy”

  1. I am 100% sure this is Chet’s last year with the club. He’ll either get cut, traded, retire, or go to Europe somewhere. It sounded like he put in a lot of work this summer, but to wind up in the ECHL after that has got to be demoralizing. He needs to go away and regroup. There’s no future for him with the Preds/Ads.

  2. I wonder if Chet’s development was hampered by Dex. Nothing against Dex but it was his first year as the starter. In his (dex) first year he at least had MacIntyre to show him the ropes. And if Dex had problems, he could probably ask Drew for guidance. Same with Smith, he had a more seasoned Dex to learn from. Whereas Chet had a goalie who hadn’t been a starter to help him.

    I’m not saying that it excuses Chet, but it may have been a factor.

  3. What? Is Chet 14 years old? Guy has coaches and was a high round pick. No excuses. Perform or leave. Careers are too short for failures.

  4. This went just like it should. Atte is a better goalie and he deserves his chance. Chet has missed his several chances with Admirals. My prediction is that Atte is Admirals starter within two months. I truly trust this guy.

  5. Atte has to learn not to get caught behind the net before he can be a trusted starter. He’s a wanderer right now.

  6. You’re right, Chet has missed several chances. But I will stop way short of saying that Atte will be the starter within two months. Only two ways that happens: A monumental regression from Smitty of epic proportions, or Smitty gets hurt. While I’m happy that Atte is the #2, Smitty is the uncontested #1 goalie right now. I don’t think that is up for debate.

  7. I’m sure Chet put in tons of work this summer, while Atte just sat around drinking beers and eating hot dogs.

  8. I think Chet plays in the NHL somewhere down the road. What is going to be 22 in a month? When you talk to him he comes off as guarded, not a big headed kid. There was an articile last year that talked about all the number one goalies that got flushed, and all the good goalies who were from the late rounds. Chet has great phyical abilty, maybe the head needs to be cleared.

    I think Chet needs to play in 50 games this year. Hopefully he gives Cincy a reason to play him.

  9. Anyone else notice we have 4 guys named Ryan on the team? That’s gotta be a record of some sort.

    Still no one named Chet on the team, though.

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