Rosters For Tonight

2 Garrett Suter D 5 Ben Youds D
3 Victor Bartley D 6 Joe Lavin D
4 Scott Ford D 7 Brandon Svendsen LW
7 Robert Slaney C 8 Simon Danis-Pepin D
10 Ryan Flynn RW 9 Shawn Lalonde D
11 Jusso Puustinen RW 10 Brian Connelly D
12 Chris Cahill LW 12 Kyle Beach LW
13 Charles-Olivier Roussell D 16 David Gilbert C
17 Michael Latta C 17 Jimmy Hayes RW
18 Aaron Marvin C 18 Brandon Bollig LW
19 Evan Trupp C 22 Paul Zanette LW
20 Joel Champagne C 23 Andrew Shaw C
21 Taylor Beck RW 24 Byron Froese C
22 Scott Valentine D 25 Chris DiDomenico RW
23 Taylor Aronson D 26 Rob Flick C
24 Jani Lajunen C 30 Carter Hutton G
25 Josh Shalla LW 34 Kevin Harvey LW
28 Mark Van Guilder C 35 Alec Richards G
Jeremy Smith G 42 Matt Krug D
Chet Pickard G 44 David Toews C

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