KHL Tragedy

By now you’ve probably heard about the plane crash involving the KHL team from Yaroslavl.  There are some good things happening in media coverage and some bad things happening in media coverage.  Conflicting reports, speculation, and I’m not all that interested in adding to that, nor am I interested in eulogizing.  So I’m going to keep this brief, and direct you to major news organizations for more details.  Puck Daddy has actually been doing a great job with the coverage so far.

A couple of former Admiral defensemen were on that plane.  Karlis Skrastins spent parts of two seasons in Milwaukee from 1998-2000.  And Robert Dietrich played two seasons from 2008-2010.

9 thoughts on “KHL Tragedy”

  1. According to vairous news sites, both Skrastins and Dietrich were on board the ill-fated flight.

    Apparently the plane did not gain enough altitude quickly enough and clipped a beacon tower. ITAR-TASS reports that after hitting the beacon, it veered left and crashed just beyond the airport.

    My condolences go out to the team’s families.

  2. Horrible news. Dietrich was very shy but ALWAYS had time for my kids, talking German with them. Very nice guy. Condolences to all the families and fans who lost their whole team.

  3. The summer of 2011 has been one of incredible tragedy for hockey world, and this crash only deepens the hurt.
    Though most Nashville fans likely have negative feelings about the KHL due to the Alexander Radulov mess from a few years back, its hard to downplay the impact that league has had on the growth of international hockey both in Russia and in Europe.
    I’ve been to Russia, and though soccer is the country’s top sport in the big cities, the smaller industrial communities live for hockey. Yaroslavl has a proud franchise, one with much success in recent years.
    What terrible news!!! My condolences for the players, families and coaches involved, and the fans of the Lokomotiv.

  4. I am just so sick to my stomach, robert was never one of my favorite players but I never felt ill will to him and he was a real nice guy at the holiday partys or celeb serves, I just wish that the black clouds following the hockey world would just go away and leave the sport alone! Can we make it through the rest of summer without another loss.

  5. I haven’t posted on here in awhile… But Robert always had the time to talk to me even if it was just for a minute. Even though he was shy, he was my favorite player. My heart goes out to his wife Eva. Its a shame he was so young.

  6. I believe Aaron Sims is going to have a piece on his blog tomorrow with some remembrances from former teammates. I’ll link to it once it is published.

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