West Division Seeding Scenarios Today

West Division seeding scenarios (ripped from theahl.com)
(at SA)
and OKC
(at HOU)
then W3-W4-W5 would be:
Win Win
Win Reg loss
OTL/SOL Reg/OT win
OTL/SOL Reg loss
Reg loss Win
Reg loss OTL/SOL
Reg loss Reg loss

So while our game is ultimately meaningless….we should know by the end of our game who our opponent will be in the first round of the playoffs.

Do you have a preferance?

4 thoughts on “West Division Seeding Scenarios Today”

  1. Frankly…..Oklahoma City is the LAST team I want to play right now. They will be getting some talent back from the Oilers….so I’d much rather they be the crossover team.

    So that makes me a Houston Aeros fan today. Hope they can shake off the rust.

  2. I don’t like the way we’ve matched up against PEO all year and with the Oilers returning talent, I guess that leaves Houston as my preferred opponent. If only to see if we can make Hackett snap and go on a rampage

  3. You never quite know what you get with Peoria….but they won’t be getting ANYBODY back from St. Louis. Porter? Reaves? McRae? All omitted from the clear day roster.

    If we get to go after Houston, it would need to be in the second round.

  4. I’d pick Peoria. We just don’t play well against Texas and as was already stated OKC is getting stocked up now.

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