Miller Excused From Roundtable

In a surprise announcement at Roundtable Headquarters, Ryan Miller has been fired from his position as Editor-in-Chief of the blog known as Admirals Roundtable.

Roundtable President & CEO Max Power IV made the announcement as the Admirals prepare for a major tilt against the Houston Aeros Friday night.

“We felt it was time to make a change.  We thank Ryan for his service to the Roundtable, but at this point, it was determined that we needed to take this blog in a new direction.”

According to Power, Miller’s attitude towards some of the players put him at odds with blog management.

“I mean, you’ve read the stuff that he writes, right?  Sometimes, I don’t even know if he likes the team.  I for one, am not a fan of how he wrote about Blake Geoffrion.  That guy is the best feel good story the organization has had in a long time!  I don’t remember the last time Ryan wrote ANYTHING nice about him!

“I just wish he would have…you know…toed the company line a little bit more.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but that guy was a little too ‘big picture’ for what we’re trying to do here.  Leave objectivity for the mainstream media outlets.  You’re either behind this team or you aren’t.  There ain’t no third direction.  We don’t need any realists around here.”

Power said that negotiations are almost finalized for Miller’s replacement.

“We’ll be sending a contract offer over to Meg McKenzie this morning.  We hope to get her on board as soon as possible.”

Miller could not be reached for comment.  But Eric Kent, Miller’s former co-author at the Admirals Short Shifts blog, released this statement.

“What a sad day for the sport of hockey, and for the Admirals community.  My heart goes out to Ryan and his family, who will probably need to start PAYING to watch hockey again.  But you know, I think they’ll be okay.  I think everything will be back to normal tomorrow.  When it’s April 2nd.”

2 thoughts on “Miller Excused From Roundtable”

  1. Is it true that Nolan Yonkman has re-signed with the Admirals because Lambert felt the team was lacking his signature move?

    Also, it may just be a rumor, but in tribute to the Winter Classic, is it true that the Bucks will be playing a game next year on the Ads ice?

  2. Truth be told, I can’t wait for Meg to join the team. Perhaps she will have a spine when it comes to the real good jabs that are oft edited out of my superb recaps…. huh?? oh….wait… what’s that??? Oh he is… ohhhh…
    Ahem…. I enjoy Ryan and his ingenious direction and the ethic he brings to work day in and day out.

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