Saturday’s Games

Hamilton 3
Texas 2

Manitoba 7
San Antonio 2

Grand Rapids 5
Oklahoma City 2

Who wants it??????  Anyone?

(Admirals — you’re included in that question too)

You know how it looked like there’d be a cross-over playoff team in our conference for awhile there?  Not so sure anymore.  So far in the month of March, the North Division is 17-5-3 against the West Division.


They’ve made up a ton of ground in the standings.  If the season ended today, 5th place Chicago would have a one point lead on 4th place Lake Erie.  But Chicago has played one extra game.  And they’ve played four more games than San Antonio, who are just two points off the pace.

It’s going to be a photo finish.  I know that’s not particularly insightful.  But saying it is an easy way to conclude this post.  So I’m going to take the easy way out this time.

See you tomorrow.

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