Clear Day Roster

No huge surprises.  “The Proof” is on the list.  Dylan Hunter is in residence, and Nick Spaling will not be joining us for a playoff run.

Goaltenders: Dekanich, Smith

Skaters: Bartlett, Begin, Blum, Bourque, Flynn, Ford, Geoffrion, Halischuk, Johnson, Josi, Klasen, Laakso, Lewis, Mueller, Palin, Santorelli, Thang, Thuresson, Van Guilder, Wilson

In Residence: Coulombe, Hunter, McBride, Shields

8 thoughts on “Clear Day Roster”

  1. Was really hoping Spaling would’ve been on the list. If Begin is taking up a spot I sure hope he is healthy for more than 2 periods.

  2. What does the “in residence” designation mean? I noticed that Wade Belak is also “in residence” for Nashville. I got the sense Kato Kaelin may have been in residence in our system at one point after he left OJ’s house.

  3. I believe “in residence” means they’re on the team while players like Geoffrion, Halischuk, Josi, and Klasen are out injured or with Nashville, but will have to be reassigned when those guys come back.

    I am surprised Flynn is not on it. He has been playing pretty well as of late and should be there at least on the “in residence” status, if not even in there in place of Santorelli, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. Unless Ryan edited, Flynn was listed at the top all along too. Or did they screw it up and list Matt Flynn on the CD roster?

  5. I had him there the whole time, but a lack of punctuation between the names may have thrown some people off. That part has been edited.

    I know Matt Moore felt really bad about calling him Matt Flynn to his face during that one interview….but they were both really good sports about the whole thing.

    I think Hunter will be this year’s Maki, playing on a regular basis , despite not being on the clear day list. At least until some players in Nashville are returned to us.

  6. My mistake! I’ll blame my public school education for not being able to comprehend what I read!

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