“I Feel Like We Lost The Game”

That’s coach Lambert after the game.

People are going to look at the final score and think this was a laugher.

It was for 20 minutes, as the Admirals jumped out to a 5-0 lead.

If you ever wanted to know what sitting on a lead looks like, you saw it over the last 40 minutes.

The Admirals had just three shots total over the last two periods, and walked away with the 5-2 win over the IceHogs.  It may be the least satisfying 5-2 win in the history of 5-2 wins.  But it all looks the same in the standings, so I guess we should feel good about that.  I guess?

“It’s unbelievable.  I don’t have an answer for it,” Coach said after the game.  “I do, but I’m not going there.  Personally, I feel like we lost the game, because that was the way we played.

“We obviously are in a stretch drive here – we’re in a very tight race, and we’ve got to sort this out.  What happened today is completely unacceptable.  I don’t think there’s a guy in that room that can walk out of there and be happy about our hockey team today.  And if any of them are, then they’re on the wrong team.”

16 shots for the game was the lowest of the season for the Admirals, and the one shot in the 3rd period was also the lowest of the season.

We’ll just touch on the scoring….

Chris Mueller opened the scoring with his 15th of the year, putting a Matt Halischuk rebound back past starting goaltender Alec Richards.

Mark Van Guilder scored his 5th of the year, putting home a shot just next to the far goal post.  The IceHogs defensemen did an awful job in the first period getting pucks out of danger, and are just as guilty for the first two goals as Richards.

Then the Ads scored three times in less than two minutes.  Chris Mueller had a snipe from the near face-off dot that beat Richards short side – a very stoppable shot.  Richards was then relieved by Hannu Toivonen.  Who then gave up another goal to Mark Van Guilder, and a power play marker to Jon Blum, before being replaced by Richards again.

Van Guilder was in the same spot for his second goal.  Blum’s goal was a blast from the point that had eyes.

Kyle Beach scored before the period was over, and Jeff Taffe added one with 4:39 to go in the 2nd.

And then we all started having flashbacks to last Wednesday night, when the Ads blew a 3-goal lead in the 3rd period.

No more scoring the rest of the way, but a lot of words were exchanged.  Couple of fights, couple of misconducts.  The most notable thing was that Rockford didn’t appreciate Kelsey Wilson hamming it up for the crowd on the way to the penalty box after his fight.  It wasn’t Long Island, but it was chippier than usual.


– Here’s some Don Tanner history for you.  (Thanks Don!)  Last time the Admirals scored five goals in a period was December 22nd, 2008 at Chicago, when they scored five in the 3rd period.  The last time they had five first period goals was February 16th, 2008 in Grand Rapids.  The last time they scored five goals in a period at home was October 24th, 2007.

-Nice to have Matt Halischuk back.  The Halischuk – Mueller – Bourque line was the best tonight.  The Klasen-Blake-Thang line was invisible.

– Sutty’s line of the night – “That guy can sell some jerseys!” referring to Kelsey Wilson hot-dogging it after his fight.  How do YOU feel about Kelsey raising the roof?  Is it kosher or tasteless? He sure had the place loud.

14,109 was the final attendance.  They saw a great 20 minutes of hockey.  We’ll leave you with this quote from Lane.

“Not very often can you say that you won the game in the first period.   Right now, at times we’re getting out to these sizable leads, and then we’re afraid to make mistakes.  And we are not recognizing shifts in momentum.”

Next game is Friday against the first place Houston Aeros.  Let’s hope for a good week of practice.

15 thoughts on ““I Feel Like We Lost The Game””

  1. While the last 40 minutes were a snooze, it’s hard to whine after busting out to a 5-0 lead. So instead of scattering 5 goals, they all came in P1. Big deal. I didn’t feel like we lost the game – because a win is a win. They can’t all be pretty win. I’d rather have an ugly win than a pretty loss.

  2. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to finish a game like that without developing bad habits. It’s just too easy to lose focus. Too easy to stop working hard. Too easy to really irritate your coach.

    I’m sure they’ll have some extra pace to their next couple practices to make up for the horrid 40 minutes tonight and break those bad habits heading into their next game.

    Thankfully, it didn’t devolve into a brawl fest and there were no injuries. They won, they will learn their lesson, and they will move on…

    Go Ads!

  3. I don’t mind it if a guy “raises the roof” after a fight, as long as he does it in his home building. If Kelsey does that in Rockford, I’d say WTF is he doing. And we Admirals fans should remember, Tootoo did that a lot when he was here and I don’t remember hearing any complaints then.

  4. I left feeling the same exact way Lane does. Said thats the worst I’ll ever feel after a 5-2 win. So, all in all, we’ve shown up for 1 of the last 7 periods. Not good, at all. Pretty damn ridiculous actually.

    Kelsey went a little overboard with the raising the roof thing. The first 2-3 times he did it, it was cute, maybe funny, and yeah it got the crowd excited…but with a 5-2 lead with 5 minutes to go….(and 3 shots on goal in the previous 30 minutes) sometimes you just gotta take your 5 minutes in the box and stfu. I think creedfeed is onto something saying that its kind of alright in your own building. If we ever saw someone from another team do that, nobody would be alright with it.

    The Admirals have nothing to be proud of for the last 2 periods. The Halischuk, Mueller and Bourque line needs a nickname…can we have a suggestion contest? Totally disappointed with the Klasen line tonight.

  5. The celebrating after a fight is ok with me if the guy doing it A. won his fight soundly and B. is at home. However, doing it is going to make you a marked man. So I wasn;t at this game. Did he win soundly or was it a close one and he just doing it anyway? Also, how did Ford and Brookbank go?

  6. As was said to me on the way out of the building tonight, it’s a good thing they don’t have a column on the tally sheets for ugly wins.

    The first period was exceptional in several ways- pace of skating was considerably faster than normal, dump and run actually had players who didn’t have to run 3/4 length of the ice to get to the puck, actual plays that either came together or were just off the mark.

    Then came intermission, and the team left the building. They reverted right back to whack-at-the-puck-pass-to-the-opposition tactics that have bedeviled this team all year.

    Kelsey raising the roof- considering about 3/4 of the people at the BC tonight only came because the seats were cheap, might cause some of them to come back expecting the same to happen again. He sure did fire up the crowd, though. He may want to try it in the locker room….

  7. Kelsey Wilson should be able to get the crowd into the game. Tonight the fights were the only thing happening on the ice the last two periods. It’s about time he decided to man up and hit someone. He could have been confused for Jessiman for the good part of this season. If only Jessiman was smaller and played like a European. Good start Kelsy keep it up!

    The second and third periods were hockey’s version of the prevent defense.
    Rockford kept it in our zone way too much! Outside the first period power play goal., the power play was terrible again.

    Seeing that Valantines Day is tomorrow, a dating parable is needed.

    Tonight was like a Prom date with your best friend’s sister, plenty of opportunities to score, yet plenty of mixed feeling at the end of the night.

    In closing,
    A win is a win, especially against a division foe! Go Ads!

  8. The kelsey fight was a draw at best. And considering he kind of attacked Bollig from behind….he had a head start.

  9. Why is Lambert upset about the 3 shots? That seems to be his approach, get a lead then lay back and hope the other team doesn’t score. Seems consistent with his other years of coaching here, team goes up, then blows a ~3 goal lead in the 3rd. Perhaps lucky they were playing the only really crappy team in the West?

    Anyway, another day and another complete flip flop of the standings.

  10. Rockford was taking every cheapshot they could get in the 3rd.
    What set some guy off on the bench for Rockford, it looked like they were mad at Thurreson at the beggining of the third????

    Then someone kept going after Geoffrion, not sure what he did either.

    After that maybe number 24 or something kept slamming the door on the bench and threw his gloves and all that on the ice on purpose for taking a stick to the face.

    Again after that (brookbank?) kept trying to get in the penalty box at Wilson.
    Either way, the fights and rough stuff was very fun, but its too bad the rest of the 40 minutes was TERRIBLE.

  11. As a casual observer of this game (just listened to it via radio), I can understand what coach Lambert said in the heat of the moment, especially with how competitive he is as a coach and person, but this was a big win for Milwaukee no matter what the circumstances. The Ads needed big divisional points, and to NOT lose to Rockford (worst team in the West). Sunday’s win accomplished both even though it was ugly. As a player its easy to sit on a 5-0 lead (anyone remember Oilers/Kings circa 1982?), but at least Milwaukee didn’t lose. Maybe the team might learn more from a loss, but I’ll take the win now and save the learning for practice this week.
    When Lambert wakes up this morning, he should feel better, but the best part of all, Milwaukee is off until Friday. Therefore, the Admirals get to pocket two big points, and coach Lambert gets to skate the team into the ground this week. Perfect time to send a message as Milwaukee is at a nearly full roster so just about everyone on the team will get that message.
    Barring something drastic, the Admirals should come out guns a blazin’ this weekend.

  12. Perhaps the coach finds 3 shots frustrating because thats not his approach. Most coaches prefer their teams to avoid taking unreasonable risk when playing with the lead, but I’ve yet to meet one who says lay back and hope for the best.

  13. Chris > “Why is Lambert upset about the 3 shots? That seems to be his approach, get a lead then lay back and hope the other team doesn’t score.”

    I don’t think Lambert’s approach is to sit back and hope when we have a lead… I’ve been to a few of the Chalk Talks where he addressed situations like that. From his answers then, it seems it’s just a team mentality that when they take a lead they worry they’ll make a mistake and thus hold back, dump in, etc. Now as to why the team still does that more than half way through the season is another question and possibly a failure on the Coach’s part in getting that addressed by now… but to flat out assume that’s his approach I think is a bit harsh.

  14. CF, the reference to that as “Lane’s approach” was tongue-in-cheek, but you can’t deny that the Admirals in the 3rd Pd. under Lane seem to be consistent at letting teams back into the game rather than getting that final blow to seal the game.

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