Benn Olson Joins Admirals


Benn Olson.  You know?  Benn Olson.  From the Cyclones.

Dylan Hunter was returned to Cincy yesterday, and Olson was called up.

In 38 games with the Cyclones, here are his vital stats.  Let me know what sticks out to you.

1 goal.  2 assists.  141 penalty minutes.

I have been told that we should expect him to suit up tonight.  And why not?  We’re playing against a team that gooned it up a bit the last time we played them.  For a team that many of you have said lacks the enforcer kind of presence, maybe this is a good start.

Looks like he’ll be wearing #42.

4 thoughts on “Benn Olson Joins Admirals”

  1. wow, the one area we have been lacking!!!!! I bet the Admirals cant wait to put the 2 assists to good use…
    Also i think you are missing a decimal in that number you posted. Are you sure its not 14.1 PIM? That is a PIM that Fists “Mamma Said Knock You Out” McGoon (if he existed) would be proud of…

    does he display his Mountain Fury Fists (new sponsorship slot, Roundy’s pays good mula for thoese that dont know) right away? I bet the better question is if he will even get ice time long enough to make taping the foil to his knuckles worth his time?

  2. Best news of the day!!!!
    ECHL-high 17 fights
    A serious but kicker.
    We need someone like him.
    Hope he doesn’t get Euro-nized like our former enforcer.
    We should put his locker next to Wilson’s.
    He might reignite Wilson.
    It’s worth a shot.

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