Admirals Skate Past Road-Weary Rampage

Despite information to the contrary there was in fact an Admirals game played today. As both Ryan and I are allergic to football we figured we would go to the game for you. If you were in fact one of the 2,735 reported to have showed, then you were witness to a pretty good game by the Admirals. The Rampage were playing their 3rd game in as many nights and it showed.  Jeremy Smith in net for the Admirals and Chet Pickard on the bench begs the question, where is Mark Dekanich?

He tweaked a lower body injury.  Not expected to be serious, but coach says he may or may not be ready to go on Thursday.

The Admirals were able to get on the scoreboard in the first period thanks to some great puck control. While in the offensive zone, Blake Geoffrion gathered the puck and sent a tough pass towards Jon Blum that was skipping and hopping. Blum gloved it down and then sent his own tough pass about thigh high to Gabriel Bourque. (This is where the AWESOME happens) Bourque lifts his leg imitating his best Captain Morgan pose, knocks the puck upwards and then proceeds to catch the puck. He quickly sends the puck down to the ice and puts a shot on net that beat Matt Climie to give the Admirals the 1-0 lead.

That lead would last the remainder of the stanza and in the second the Admirals were able to add to it. With the Rampage’s David Brine in the sin bin for a hooking infraction, the Admirals power play unit went to work. Jamie Lundmark sent the puck to Roman Josi down low. Josi sent the puck to Matt Halischuk, who was at the top of the circle near side. Seeing that there was room to advance he skated to about the faceoff circle and put a scorching wrister on net that beat Climie top side. The shot was a very impressive “snipe” and increased the Admirals lead to 2-0.

The Admirals happy with their two goal lead went into the 3rd period looking a little on their heels. As a result, it didn’t take long for the Rampage to get one past Smith. Matt (one point twenty one gigga-) Watkins carried the puck down the far side boards, put on the breaks and sent what looked to be a centering pass that carried to the front of the net. It bounced off an Admirals player right into the slot to a waiting Andrew Ebbett, who had a 4×6 square to put the puck into. With that goal the Admirals lead was cut in half and awoke them from their slumber.

The Admirals answer right back off what I would call a “fatigue” goal.  John Blum gets the puck a couple feet inside the blue line. Uncontested, he skated between the circles and put a shot on net that hit Climie in the chest. The puck not being denied rolled up his pads and over the shoulder into the net. It was one of those goals that 99.9% of the time would be (should be) stopped. Fortunately for Blum this one got through and extended the Admirals lead to 3-1.

That is where things got very interesting.  We all know that Coach Lane Lambert and tonight’s referee Jeff Smith are not friends but you would hope to see some professional candor. With a horrible non call where the Rampage’s Ebbett went onto the Admirals bench during a time out to try to find out what the coach was drawing up. Ebbett was able to get close enough to hear but remained far enough away not to be noticed. It wasn’t until Ebbett was on his way back to his own bench that everyone realized what he had done. The place erupted and Lambert was beside himself. When referee Jeff Smith came over you could see him mouth “get over it coach, you’re up 3-1”. Lambert didn’t take to kindly to it. He threw off his sport coat and hopped the boards. He and Smith proceeded to fight. The hay makers were coming and no one could separate them. It wasn’t until the warden showed up and fired a warning shot from his trusty shotgun that the two split up. The real travesty about the whole ordeal is that we were at a break and so no footage of this was captured. So all in all, I guess that it goes to show you that no matter what else is going on in the world, you should never, never, never miss another Admirals game because of some “football” game. ***

The Admirals would go on to win the game 3-1 and grab a much needed two points in a very tight western conference division.


So.  Yonkman.  As good as you remember?  Weird seeing him in black?

No Dex, no problem, eh?  How did you like Smitty’s performance tonight?

How about Thang and Halischuk continuing their strong play?

Thuresson?  Crickets?

*** Umm, some of those details of that paragraph may be embelished or fabricated.  But if you need me to tell you that, then, well….I have some land in Russia I’d like to sell you.

13 thoughts on “Admirals Skate Past Road-Weary Rampage”

  1. So much for us getting Mueller or Klasen back – O’Reilly broke his fibula. Is Begin hurt too?

  2. Yonkman was just like I remember him….most games he didn’t stand out at all, and tonight was no different at all. The entire team just went through the motions tonight, and I guess we could blame their road-weariness.

    Smith was never tested all that much, but came up big when he needed to.

    Thang and Halischuk have both been on a roll as of late, and its good to see Lundmark with another multiple point night. Josi continues to impress me, and the line with Bartlett and whoever else was with him impressed me a few times in the first 2 periods.


    Props to the crowd for coming out tonight. Talking with Wojo and Harris after the game, I informed them of the Packers start time next Sunday and they both shook their heads and said we might see a change of time for next Sundays game.

  3. Great to hear, I was so torn between which game to attend, but since this wasn’t one of our half-season games and it was do-or-die for GB…it was an easy choice! Anywho, great to hear Smith had another good game! Bourque has been one of my favorites since opening night. I love the way he hits for a guy his size, and now some pucks are bouncing his way and he’s getting the numbers. Also great to see them put up some goals against Climie, he’s pretty damn good himself!

  4. I wonder why we didn’t see a change of time for yesterday’s game… the time for the Packers game was announced on Tuesday wasn’t it? Or did San Antonio just want to get the game over with so they can return home? hah.

    I actually like Jeff Smith… for the most part… He lets the teams play and only calls the blatant, obvious stuff that affects play. Again, I said “for the most part!” :)

  5. I’m not sure what’s going on with Thurreson these days. He had a couple wide open chances last night and did not pull the trigger. Perhaps his issues are just in his psyche now. He warms up well. He is one of the few players who comes out early before the game and takes some extra reps on goal and looks good doing it. But once the skates are on, he seems tentative.

    Yonks was a non-factor last night. I literally had to look for him on the ice.

    Any further details about Dex? No one is talking about his injury. And Begin was an obvious absentee, as well.

  6. I have a couple theories why yesterdays gametime wasn’t moved. First and foremost, San Antonio played Saturday night in Houston and probably didn’t get into Milwaukee until about 2 or 3am. If I was the visiting team playing my 3rd game in 3 days there is no way im letting the home team get an extra advantage. Plus it was a Packers regular season game. It had playoff implications but was still just regular season. I believe Hamilton plays in Rockford Saturday night so the change of time won’t affect them nearly as much.

  7. > San Antonio played Saturday night in Houston and probably didn’t get into Milwaukee until about 2 or 3am

    Wouldn’t that be incentive [for San Antonio] to have the game pushed back to 7pm? Allow your team to rest up a bit more?

    > Plus it was a Packers regular season game. It had playoff implications but was still just regular season.

    Packers > Admirals. Maybe not to us hockey fans, but in Wisconsin it’s a fact. Minor League hockey can’t compete against the NFL juggernaut (in Wisconsin)!

  8. The word the coach used to describe Dex’s injury was “Tweak”. So that makes me think that it’s a day-to-day thing, instead of a week-to-week deal. Begin is day-to-day as well, but while I haven’t been told anything specific, I’ve been told that it’s not thought to be serious.

    I’m inclined to agree that San Antonio may have had something to do with yesterday’s game not being moved. Both teams need to agree to a schedule change, and if they said no, it’s hard to fault them.

    Hamilton will be in Rosemont on Saturday, so there’s probably some good flexibility with them. Both teams are probably going to be pretty tired for the 1pm start on Sunday!

    Not good news about Cal….considering they scratched both Klasen and Mueller last night, I’m hopeful that they won’t need to call anybody else up for now.

    Creed — I’m a Jeff Smith fan too….especially when playing against a team that’s second in the league on the powerplay! More 5×5, the better!

  9. It would have been nice if they pushed the game back to 7pm seeing as I worked ’til 5:30.

    Good to see (or read would be more accurate) Smith get the win but I hope Dex gets better quickly.

  10. There’s a nice article at about the the preds and ads relationship and how deveolping players is a key to being sucessful.

  11. I believe that SA stayed overnight in Houston, then flew to Chicago in the AM.

    Yonkman and Wilson were saying things to each other the whole game. Wilson told Yonks to —- off in the first period after Yonks said something to him. Yonkman also said something in the third period that made Kelsey loop around before going off the ice on a change. I thought they were going to fight, but the game was too close.

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