Caption Contest Winner!

Time to announce the winner of the season’s first caption contest.

First, a couple of honorable mentions.  And they seemed to have to do with the least prominent character in the photo….

Mark said: “Everyone in the crowd and on the ice reacts to hearing the news that Drew MacIntyre makes half a million bucks as a glorified doorman.”  Nice callback to a recent Roundtable post!

I liked Admiralfreak’s “MacIntyre: “I hope that lady texting is starting up a #PasqualeIsSoPoor meme on twitter.”   Poor Mac.  Can’t get a break.  But giving up 10 goals in two games doesn’t help either.

But the winner….tough to argue with a caption that includes every single character in the picture, and finds a tasteful way to tie it all together!

From Isis:  “Shocking results from this weeks “Dancing with the Stars”. After a perfect waltz the night before, Matt Halischuk and Jaime Sifers stumbled horribly during their cha-cha in a hockey themed race for the puck. Judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli were visibly shocked by the performance. Audience members were pleased with Halischuk’s choice of pink, but were visibly put off by their dancing efforts and were too busy texting. Drew MacIntyre could not be reached for comment.”

Way to go Isis!  Although I plead complete ignorance to the television show you referenced, this one actually made me laugh out loud.  And your prize?  In addition to the bragging rights in the Admirals Crew break room, you’re the first winner of the delicious media room cookies.  Send an email to admiralsroundtable (at) g mail, and let me know the next home game you’ll be attending, and we’ll set up the delivery of your prize.  But don’t expect any dancing with the delivery.  It’s in everyone’s best interests that way.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry….we’ll have another contest in the near future.

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